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What is a bird bath bubbler and why do I need one?

Just because you are a bird doesn’t mean that you don’t want to keep clean and have fresh water to drink; but the truth is, a safe place to stop isn’t always an easy thing to find for our feathered friends.

If you love birds then one way that you can help them out is with a bird bath and if they could smile, we know that these simple safe places to bath and drink would make them!

It isn’t only the birds that benefit from bird bath’s; those who watch them do too. Whilst , there are those such as wrens who eat insects or fruit instead, these are rarely attracted by the lure of seeds.

But when you place a you will see an influx of a variety of birds; robins, thrushes even the odd owl on occasions. All birds love nothing more than some fresh clean water.

What is a bird bath bubbler?

When it comes to buying a bird bath there are a whole host of styles and accessories that you can pick from. One popular accessory that is often seen in the UK is the bath bubbler.

Bath bubblers essentially are items that can be placed into the bird bath to ensure that the water is moving around. They are often seen in rock form which not only work brilliantly but also look decorative too.
Why is it better than a standard bird bath?

You may wonder why a bubbler is a good addition to have on your bird bath? Whilst a standard, still pool of water will draw in the birds; the splash of moving water is even more inviting.

Not only this, but there are certain types of birds that will only visit a bird bath if the water is rippling. This means that by having a bird bath bubbler
you will see a greater variety of different birds.

Tips for the perfect bird bath placement

When it comes to placing your bird bath in your garden you might think it can be popped down wherever and the birds will then flock to it.
This isn’t always the case; in fact, careful consideration should be given to exactly where it goes.

Wild birds are notoriously cautious about where they bathe as they know that there are predators around just waiting to pounce. This means that in order to maximise the interest in your bird bath you should make sure that it is placed so that they have clear visibility of the garden around them.

It should also be near to a bush, tree or shrub so that they can dive into the branches should danger arise. However, it is important that the predators (cats especially) cannot use the shrubbery as a hiding place to pounce, so pop some prickly plant clippings underneath the bush so that they are not tempted to clamber in.

Here at Little Peckers we love every opportunity to watch the wildlife that we are so lucky to have; so why not invest in a bird bath and enjoy some avian visitors to your


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