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Bird Bath Fountains

A garden bird bath can mean anything from a rustic terracotta plate to bespoke architectural installation on a grand scale. Naturally the birds care little for the aesthetics but proud gardeners will be anxious to choose a design that graces their property. Whether your primary concern is the welfare of the birds, your bird watching opportunities or the beauty of your garden it is worth considering what style of bird bath would suit you best.

Helping Wild Birds

Before you settle on a simple bath do think about the potential benefits of a bird birth fountain. As you will know, bird baths provide a valuable source of drinking water for wild birds and also a place to bathe and preen. You may not have realised that bird baths can also help birds to keep cool in hot weather.

Birds do not sweat. They keep cool by radiating heat from the bare skin on their legs and faces and by panting. Some species can control blood flow to their bills in order to help regulate their temperature. So it is difficult for birds to keep cool in the summer but water and especially bird bath fountains can really help. Water with the addition of a fountain would be even better as the movement, splashing sounds and the sun glittering on the water all attract the birds’ attention. Your bird bath isn’t going to help many birds if they don’t know that it is there.

The Modest Fountain

By agitating the surface of the water and constantly circulating it, fountains and drippers can also help to prevent the water in the birdbath from freezing over in the winter.

Clearly your fountain needs to be modest in size otherwise it could present a danger to small birds so no recreations of Old Faithful should feature in your garden!

The Perfect Ambiance

Bird bath fountains are also good news for you and anyone else who spends time in your garden. There is nothing quite like the sound of running water and the fountain will certainly enhance the ambiance of the garden. Water has a calming effect that it is hard to create any other way. Indeed water features in general can transform even a mundane garden into a very special place to spend some time.

Interest and Balance

Bird baths, especially those with fountains, also provide appealing decorative features for the garden. They can be used to great effect to create focal points or to deflect the eye from less attractive features. They can be used to create interest, balance and flow to any space whilst providing that amazing soundtrack for your life outdoors.

Whether your garden is sizeable or modest in size a bird bath with a fountain would be a fabulous addition that helps the wild birds whilst giving you more opportunities to see them. With the added benefit of a beautiful feature and a wonderful ambiance thrown in, a bird bath fountain could be the perfect way to enhance your garden without breaking the bank.


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