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Bird Bath Stands

Bird baths help wild birds whilst being fabulous decorative features for your garden. Adding structure, texture and even colour to your outside space, bird baths are a great investment. Better still, you can really get creative with bird baths by combining interesting baths with appealing stands.

Getting Creative

Bird baths lend themselves to a creative approach because any shallow dish can be used as a bird bath. Everything from and old plate to a dustbin lid or a serving platter could make for a great bird bath. This gives you the ability to seek out striking pieces to provide eye catching features or more subtle dishes which fade into the landscape. You can go quirky, colourful, contemporary or traditional. You can then choose a stand to complement the bath and produce a totally unique feature for your garden.

Wrought Iron Bird Bath Stands

Wrought iron bird bath stands are particularly attractive in the garden. They are heavy enough to provide a stable base for the bath but have appealing decorative swirls and patterns. Wrought iron has long been a popular choice for garden furniture and structures as the swirls and floral patterns complement the flora. Wrought iron’s open look also means that it blends in to the background rather than obscuring it from view.

You can purchase new wrought iron bird bath stands and you are also able to commission bespoke designs from a foundry. In this regard I am extremely fortunate as one of my neighbours is the owner of a foundry. However, if a new stand is too costly, there are plenty of old stands to be found at antique fairs, markets and boot sales. You might be lucky enough to stumble across a piece which requires no modification. But it is more likely that a little DIY will be required to alter a piece to fit your bird bath.

A Winning Combination

Decorative dishes and wrought iron stands are the perfect combination for the garden. This is a look which complements the garden and looks completely at home and yet one which really draws the eye. The birds won’t care what the bird bath looks like but there is no reason why you can’t create a bird bath which serves a variety of purposes. The right bird bath helps the wild birds whilst providing a great feature for your garden and enabling you to enjoy a creative project.

If you do happen to fashion something really beautiful then make sure that your garden security is adequate. Features like bird baths are easy picking for thieves and the more attractive they are the more likely they are to take a walk. It is always a good idea to security mark anything in your garden. Thieves are less likely to pinch items which are marked and if they do steel something you are far more likely to get it back. Mind you, if your bird bath is unique that will also make it a lot easier for you to identify it and then claim it!


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