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Bird Feeders, Cats, Dogs and Statues

It doesn’t take much to annoy some neighbours does it? A few too many Christmas lights or an afternoon banging around in your garage can be enough to spark an argument. Some people will complain about anything given the chance.

If you enjoy feeding the wild birds then next door’s cats can be a threat to your hobby and cats have been the cause of many a dispute. On the other hand, if your neighbour has a bird phobia then your stylish new bird feeders could spark a row. It is surprising just how many people are scared of birds. When you take so much pleasure from watching the finches, robins and tits visiting your bird feeders then it can be hard to understand how anyone could be fearful of the beautiful birds.

The Garden Statue that Horrifies the Neighbours

Barking dogs have sparked many an argument between neighbours too but it is unusual for a dispute to be caused by a garden statue. However, this is exactly what happened in recently.

Mind you, the statue concerned was a zombie! and close to his driveway. This upset the local homeowners association who took offence to the beastie who was dubbed Clawed. The fiendish statue had been located closer to the house for some time but was moved after a revamp of the garden. Now much more visible, Clawed has dumped Grinstead into a whole lot of trouble.

The Statue that Has to Go

The homeowners association wrote to Mr Grinstead and hilariously said "it was noted that there is a zombie in your yard that needs to be removed". How pompous can you get? These associations are very powerful in America and it is hard to win any battle with them. Once they have decided that a feature of your garden is offensive then basically it has to go. The associations’ primary aim is to protect property values but this can lead to a major sense of humour failure.

A New Home for Clawed

Mr Grinstead decided not to fight the association over the statue and is now unsure as to where Clawed will be residing in the future. This all seems like such a shame as Clawed sounds like he was an interesting feature that should have raised a few smiles rather than tempers.

It doesn’t matter what you do in your garden, you are sure to offend someone. Cats, dogs, bird and now statues. Your home is supposed to be your castle and a place where you can enjoy your hobbies and interests but there is always someone who will rain on your parade. What has upset your neighbours? Does your love of birds infuriate the locals or do you have an offensive statute in your garden? Let us know.


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