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Bird Seed Suppliers and Sabotage!

It doesn’t matter what you do, there will always be deeply unpleasant members of the human race who will dedicate themselves to spoiling it for you. Even if that involves killing birds. There has been no better example of this that the recent spate of bird seed sabotage in Bay Ridge, New York. Local residents are enthusiastically investing in food from their only for unscrupulous criminals to use it against the birds.

Bird Seed Saboteurs Caught on Camera

Surveillance video has revealed the extent of the problem. The local neighbourhood watch erected a camera which has captured footage of the most unpleasant imaginable activities. One man was filmed poking bird feeders out of the trees. He then dumped the bird seed from these onto the floor and poured what seemed to be anti-freeze onto the seed to kill the birds who would eat it.

Glass and Rat Poison in Bird Seed

Residents have also found glass mixed into their bird seed and bowls of food with rat poison in them. These were placed at the base of a tree. The most recent footage that has been released shows two people placing an unknown substance at the base of the same tree. This was a white powder which could have been boric acid. The attacks began in August 2015 and many dead birds and other dead animals have been found.

A reward has been offered for any information leading to the apprehension of the guilty parties. As cruelty to animals is known to be a precursor to serious criminal behaviour, one can only hope that these people are caught quickly.

Arson attack on Pigeon Loft

Meanwhile there has been unpleasant activity closer to home.

Bird seed suppliers can rest easy regarding this story as it is a tale of arson. Pigeon fancier Stuart Russell was heartbroken to discover that his pigeon lofts had been torched, wiping out all of his birds. This sad event occurred last week and a year to the day after another episode when all of his pigeons disappeared overnight. Russell suspects that rivals in the sport are to blame for both incidents. The successful pigeon racer from Glastonbury, Somerset has no idea what he should do next.

Competitive Sport

Pigeon racing is fiercely competitive and incidents of sabotage are relatively common although this particular episode was uncharacteristically extreme. Stuart Russell has been very successful in the sport but has now lost the heart to go on. This is extremely sad for the retiree as is the demise of so many healthy birds.

It is incredibly upsetting that a tiny minority of unscrupulous and downright evil people can ruin the pleasure of others. It is even more distressing that such people are prepared to kill animals either to stop a rival or just for the hell of it. Everyone should remain vigilant as you never know where criminals may act next.


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