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Birdwatching - An Unlikely New Craze

Bird Image

It might surprise you to hear that 32% of men aged between 16 and 24 have tried birdwatching. Twitching isn’t confined to the elderly, and with so many young people taking an interest in birds, this could be this century’s most unlikely new craze!

Engaging with nature is a highly enjoyable way to spend your time and birdwatching offers a raft of benefits. Clearly you will learn about the birds but there is more to twitching that first meets the eye.

Age is No Barrier

Many pastimes become difficult as you age whilst others are unsuitable for youngsters. But birdwatching is ideal for everyone! You can start taking an interest in wildlife when you are still in your stroller and advancing years are no barrier to holding a pair of binoculars.

Getting Together

The whole family can enjoy birdwatching together. Children, their parents and their grandparents can watch wildlife as a family and spend quality time together. Whether you are observing the activity in your garden or travelling to exotic destinations overseas, the birds provide the perfect way to create special memories with your loved ones.

Any Time and Any Place

If you lead a busy life it can be hard to find any time for your hobbies. Most activities involve having to prepare or pack your equipment, to make bookings, to buy tickets or to travel in order to meet up with playing partners. But you can enjoy birdwatching in your own back yard whenever you have a few minutes free. , all you have to do is step out of your back door!

Healthy Hobby

The search for birds will get you up and out of the house. Any walking is good for your health and you will always benefit from time spent in the great outdoors. If you are feeling stressed, watching the birds will divert your attention away from your problems and will give you valuable time for contemplation. A few hours in the fresh air and you just might feel like a new person.

Learning about the species that you see keeps your mind active and birdwatching also ensures that you remain sharp and alert. This is an immersive and therapeutic pastime.

Learning Patience

The pace of modern life and our many gadgets mean that we have become incredibly impatient. We are used to and now demand immediacy. Birdwatching enables you to rediscover the art of patience and to slow down for a while to recharge your batteries. When you are marvelling at the wildlife you might stop worrying about your friends’ latest Facebook posts!

Birdwatching is certainly life-enhancing. Setting aside a few minutes every day to contemplate the activity in your garden could truly make a difference to how you feel. Better still, this pastime might inspire you to visit pastures new. There are exciting places and wonderful birds to discover throughout the UK and farther afield. What are you waiting for?


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