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A Budgerigar breeder in Seaton, Devon is picking up the pieces after losing his bird room and most of his birds in a fire.

Barrie Shutt, aged 72, had been breeding budgies for decades and had built a room for his birds back in the 1970s. he had always loved his birds and had been breeding since 1959. Sadly, his bird room was recently destroyed in a fire which he believed was caused by an electrical fault. 100 birds were lost in the fire. Only four budgies survived the incident and two of those died later due to the effects of smoke inhalation. Barrie was devastated.

Inherited Passion

Barrie Shutt acquired his love of birds from his father who kept exotic species. Sadly for Barrie, his wife Alison does not share his enthusiasm for budgies and is actually terrified of them! This proved problematic following the fire as Barrie’s remaining birds had to live in the garage and that was where the washing machine was located. Alison was forced to encounter the birds on a daily basis.

Breeding Records and New Birds

All of Barrie’s breeding records and memorabilia were also lost in the fire and so he knew that he faced starting again from scratch. Fortunately, he now has a brand new bird room and there are already 30 birds living it. After the details of the fire were published in the media, friends and family members donated birds to Barrie who made a 1000 mile trip to collect the budgies that he had been offered from Somerset, Wales and Carlisle. Other specimens were donated from Holland, Denmark, Switzerland and Belgium.

The Future

Barrie is now looking forward to pairing his birds but does not know what the quality of the resulting chicks will be. However, he has to start somewhere.

During the horrible task of clearing up after the fire there was a lighter moment for Barrie. He had been storing around 80kg of seed in the bird room and this got roasted in the fire and then damp when the fire service arrived to extinguish the fire. The seeds started growing and Barrie found that wild birds were flocking to his garden to eat the seed.

So Barrie had birds to admire after all!


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