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Bulk Bird Seed for Cat Litter?

>I am no clairvoyant but I am guessing that most people who invest in are doing so in order to feed wild birds. After all what else would you do with it?

Well that depends on how inventive you are. A Canadian entrepreneur has recently discovered an interesting way to use safflower seeds. Believe it or not he has discovered that they make for the perfect cat litter!

New Litter Tray with Bulk Bird Seed

Mark Fenwick had been struggling to care for the four rescue kitten that he had adopted. He was finding that he was going through large volumes of cat litter and that his litter tray would become overly soiled very quickly. It also smelt terrible. The cat litter was very dusty and not very environmentally friendly. Fenwick set about finding an alternative.

What he has come up with is a new litter tray called The Cat’s Ask. This new feline potty provides a dust-free, less wasteful alternative to conventional trays and litter. It features a two-tiered construction with a tray containing safflower seeds above and a collection tray underneath. Cat pee filters through the oily seeds and into the collector. It can then be flushed away. Poo can be scooped out of the tray and then flushed down the toilet.

Earth Friendly and Fresh

The bulk bird seed in the tray should be sprayed with vinegar, Lemon and water twice each day and then it will stay fresh for a month. Even if the tray is used by more than one cat. When the tray is cleaned out at the end of the month, the seeds can then be added to the compost bin. This means that there is no waste with this innovative litter tray solution. The Cat’s Ask is made from waterproof waxed cardboard and recycled plastic whilst the collection container can be replaced with a milk or juice carton. The entire construction is earth friendly.

Fenwick is attempting to fund his project via Kickstarter. He needs to raise $65,000 Canadian. At this moment in time he has already received pledges in excess of $40,000.

Clearly bird seed is more costly than cat litter but The Cat’s Ask remains cost effective for cat owners because the litter is replaced only once each month. Who would have thought that bulk bird seed could be an excellent cat litter?

One wonders how many materials Fenwick experimented with before he arrived at safflower seed. Have you found any interesting uses for your bird seed? Do let us know.


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