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Bulk Wild Bird Seed

From Meal Worms to Bulk Wild Bird Seed!

Taking care of our natural wildlife is something that most of us will want to do. After all, the UK has the UK’s native animals and birds are so beautiful
that it makes sense to help protect them.

When it comes to birds, one of the best things that you can do is to feed them. This is particularly true during the colder months when their natural sources of food may not be so readily available.

But for those novice feeders out there, what are the basics that you should remember when it comes to leaving food out food for your feathery visitors? Let Little Peckers explain the basics of bird feeding.

Feeders and bird tables

Bird seed is of little use without a means to offer it to the birds. You can, of course, scatter your seeds of choice over your lawn. But in order to tempt the birds to land, a feeder or bird table is the best option.
It is good to offer up a mix of different seeds and you should also give birds access to clean water. should be regularly cleaned to maximise hygiene.

Fat balls

There are two times of year when birds will be desperately searching for extra food. These are winter and spring. During the winter months the birds that stay in the UK will need to do all that they can to survive. You can give them a helping hand by popping out fat balls.
Fat balls are seeds mixed in with fat. During the spring they are an additional food source for parent birds who are busy feeding their own chicks.

Meal worms

Birds love live meal worms. These moist little morsels are packed with protein and are the favoured treat of robins and thrushes.
That said, when live meal worms are not available the birds will love to eat dried ones almost as much. If you soften them up by soaking them before you pop them out, then the birds will thank all you all the more.

Wild bird seed

If you are not sure what type of and seeds to put out for your birds, then you should consider investing in pre-mixed wild bird seed. The mixes are ready to go out on your bird table or in your feeder and will quickly draw in a variety of birds.

You can purchase bulk wild bird seed both online and in store. This seed will enable you to then stock up on the most popular tasty treats for your garden birds and to always have some seed to hand.

Are you looking for wild bird seed?

Here at Little Peckers we have a variety of bird seed available including . So why not stock up now so you can discover just how much garden birds love our high quality bird


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