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Caged Bird Food and YouTube Stars!

If you have both a pet bird and a cat then you probably go to considerable lengths to ensure that they are kept apart. After all, giving your cat access to your pet bird would be bad news wouldn’t it? Well perhaps not! Some cats seem to accept pet birds as their friends and the birds can try very hard to fit in!

The Meowing Cockatoo

Birds can be quite brilliant mimics as demonstrated by this cockatoo whose repertoire extends to meowing.

Now that’s what you call making an effort! Perhaps the bird is after the cats’ treats. If that sounds unlikely then take a look at this parrot trying to outwit its ginger companion to steal his food.

I doubt if the cat ever tries to gets its teeth into the caged bird food! But then you never know.

The Feline African Grey

Ozzy the African grey is a talented mimic who does a great cat impression. Perhaps he has a feline friend that he likes to play with.

A Cockatoo and a Maine Coon

Cali the cockatoo doesn’t seem to view fellow pet Jackson the Maine Coon as a threat. Indeed the two have become quite emotionally attached if this video is anything to go by.

The following compilation illustrates just how brave some birds can be around cats.

Don’t Get Complacent

Before you fling open the cage door and let your parrot or cockatoo loose, remember that cats are at the top of the food chain and birds are their natural prey. These videos are fascinating and charming but most cats will not be so tolerant of pet birds and many would immediately try to attack anything with feathers. Allowing your cat and bird to interact could soon result in disaster or at least a trip to the vets for one of them.

If your cat and your parrot do seem to get along then you should still exercise caution. Never leave the animals unattended and be prepared to intervene. Animals are unpredictable and even the happiest of relationships can take a turn for the worse without warning. Cats are killers and parrots can inflict an impressive amount of damage themselves.

If your pets crave company then it is best to invest in friends for them which are the same species. There is still no guarantee that they will get on but they probably won’t kill each other! Your pets may not approve of you all the time either. Just take a look at Max the cockatoo who has been told he is going to the vet. Max has his own language but his feelings are abundantly clear!

Musical Birds

If your bird is in a bad mood you could always try playing it some music. Pebble the cockatoo just loves to head bang!

Maybe Gangnam style is more your bird’s thing.

Birds are simply amazing!


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