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Cement Bird Bath

You will find a cement bird bath as an ormamental feature in many gardens. They can help wild birds and attract more interesting species to your garden. Bird baths are seemingly harmless, static objects which provide interest rather than excitement. However, the world is a very strange place!

The Low Flying Cement Bird Bath

Recently a young man in Sikeston, Missouri was arrested after he fell out with his girlfriend. An argument broke out when they were travelling together by car in the early hours of the morning. When they arrived at their destination the row continued. The enraged man punched the car radio, exited the vehicle, spat in his girlfriend’s face (nice!) and then launched a cement bird bath through the car’s windscreen.

The cement bird bath weighed approximately 25kg and caused serious damage to the car but thankfully missed the poor women. The young man was charged with second-degree domestic assault. He announced that he was ready to do time for his actions but was ultimately only fined. Gosh!

Exciting stuff, if a little violent!

The Swimming Serpent

Meanwhile, last month in Perth, Western Australia a resident went out to his garden to look at his bird bath only to find a South West carpet python basking in it. Evidently the weather was too hot for the snake. The visiting serpent hung around the garden for a week using the cement bird bath during the day and resting on the roof of the house at night. He did a good job of keeping the birds away and most of the people into the bargain.

The Zika Virus

You have probably heard about the recent spread of the Zika virus to the Americas. This virus causes serious birth defects. Strenuous attempts are being made to prevent the virus spreading from Central America to the USA. The virus is transmitted to humans via mosquito bites and so people are being advised to reduce the risk of being bitten. As mosquitos are attracted to standing water, householders are being told to remove any standing water from their gardens and that includes bird baths.

Bird baths have been associated with the spread of diseases in birds but now they could be problematic to humans too.

The Birds and the Bees

In the USA bird baths are also being accused of contributing to the decline in the bee population. Apparently bees are struggling because their natural forage is being eradicated from gardens and they are also impacted by the use of pesticides. These include mosquito sprays. Conservationists with concerns about the bees are asking people to desist from using mosquito sprays. They are recommending that people take measure to prevent the mosquitos being attracted to their gardens in the first place and that means removing water features including bird baths.

It doesn’t matter what you do does it? There will also be someone who will rain on your parade by telling you that your actions are causing a problem. Bird baths are a great help to wild birds and bring a lot of pleasure to bird watchers. But if you have a bird bath then watch out! Your bird bath could actually be a deadly weapon, a haven for killer snakes, a contributor to the spread of the Zika virus and a bee killer.


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