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Cheap Bird Houses

Thomas Dambo is a Danish artist and designer who is based in Copenhagen. Together with his crew he works on a variety of projects with everything being crafted using rubbish and discarded materials. Works large and small including furnishings and sculptures are fashioned exclusively from materials recovered from Copenhagen’s bins, skips and dumpsters.

Inspired by Rubbish

Dambo hopes to inspire people to view rubbish in a different light and to see it as a valuable resource. He feels that rubbish can be fun and exciting if creativity is applied to its use. Over the past seven years he has devoted much of his free time to his "Happy City Birds" project. This has seen him craft over 3500 bird houses from scrap wood and trash.

Bird Houses as Street Art

As a former graffiti artist, Dambo was keen for city residents to see street art as a positive addition to the urban landscape. He was also conscious that there is very little wildlife in our cities and that what little there is tends to be birds. So he evolved a way of helping birds to make their homes in cities whilst decorating cities with street art at the same time. The colourful bird houses now grace cities all over the world.

Bird Houses Great and Small

Many of the bird houses have been decorated using paint from Danish paint manufacturer Dyrup who donated a consignment of paint which had been incorrectly coloured. The bird houses have been built in a variety of different shapes and sizes. Some of these Dambo has made himself, others were co-created in various studios and workshops. Many of the bird houses have been spread across cites whilst others have been used in groups to create striking sculptures and installations. His fabulous work has included a tree house in the shape of a bird house, a floating duck house designed to look like a medieval castle and a bird house incorporated into to a traffic sign.

Dambo has used scrap wood to fashion tree shapes on the sides of buildings and then decorated the trees with dozens of colourful bird houses. These creations have transformed bland walls into striking features. Whatever he has built, he tries to position his installations in areas where the birds will feel comfortable. They are often located in or near parks and away from busy roads.

The artist believes that birds should be made to feel at home in the world’s cities as it is important that they continue to populate urban areas. The pretty bird houses help to remind people that they should always leave room for native birds.

Your Cheap Bird Houses

Because Dambo uses rubbish to create his bird houses, they are incredibly cheap to build. You could do the same thing if you feel like a project. Alternatively, we have some great cheap bird houses for sale here at Little Peckers which would make fabulous additions to an urban landscape near you.


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