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Chicken Bedding - Are Your Chickens Plotting The Great Escape?

You have given your chickens a wonderful life by providing a cosy coop, nutritious food, a safe enclosure and comfy chicken bedding. What more could they ask for? These are simple creatures with limited needs that you have looked after well. They wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. Or would they?

The Hollywood Treatment

Our domestic animals appear in a whole new light when given the Hollywood treatment. Movie makers are creative geniuses who have mastered the art of humanising animals. They invest them with impressive abilities that charm us whilst somehow managing to maintain the unique character of the animals. The most successful, engaging and amusing stories often feature animals plotting behind the backs of their owners.

The Nature of Cats and Dogs

The was a major triumph. This comic caper featuring international espionage was a laugh out loud masterpiece for the whole family. But it was at once entertaining and disconcerting. Why is it that this film makes us uncomfortable on some level?

We understand that our dogs are not covert agents. Our cats are probably not ruled by the neighbourhood bully Mr Tinkles. A creature who is busy masterminding a plot to make us allergic to dogs. But we do nonetheless recognise our own pets in these complex characters and that gets us thinking.

Behind our Backs

What do our animals really do when our backs are turned and how much do we really know about them? Watching them tackle very human situations in a very human way leaves us feeling uneasy. Cats and Dogs toyed with us on so many levels as did Chicken Run, a masterful animated movie that regales us with the chicken version of The Great Escape.

When the Chicken Bedding isn’t Enough

In Chicken Run the cheeky inhabitants of Tweedy’s chicken farm get the Nick Park treatment. Brilliant Wallace and Gromit style animation is partnered by an exciting prisoner of war type plot. The resident fowl seem comfortable in their chicken bedding and they are well fed but they become aware of an imminent threat. The chickens must then escape the farm in order to evade execution via a new machine which produces ready-made chicken pies!

There are many parallels between Chicken run and the ever popular Steve McQueen movie. Following failed escape attempts Ginger the chicken is confined to a coal bunker. Here she bounces a Brussel sprout just as McQueen bounced a baseball. The finale of the film features a tricycling Rocky the Rooster mirroring the motor cycle stunt of the great Escape. The rows of wooden huts in the film are certainly reminiscent of a stalag.

Preventing a Chicken Mutiny

So are your chickens planning an escape? Probably not! The movies do make you stop and think though don’t they? It is hard to resist the temptation to imagine that your animals benefit from more intelligence than meets the eye. The truth is that they probably do but not to the extent of evolving a prison camp escape plan or conducting international espionage. In any case, even if they could do such things they wouldn’t. Animals are generally blessed with a different kind of wisdom. The kind where they know when they are on to a good thing!

To prevent your chickens from plotting a mutiny ensure that they are well fed and comfortable. We have everything you need here are Little Peckers including chicken coops, chicken feed and chicken bedding.


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