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Chicken Drinkers and Permaculture

You may have seen references to permaculture especially as it is a concept which is becoming increasingly popular. But if you haven’t engaged in permaculture then you may be wondering what it is! Let us enlighten you.

Permaculture is a term derived from "permanent agriculture" and "permanent culture". It is the adoption of practices which represent a more sustainable and eco-friendly approach to life. The idea is to live in an earth friendly manner by creating sustainable, productive, non-polluting and healthy settlements. Whilst you may have little control over your local community as a whole, you can adopt aspects of permaculture in your own life to help the planet and so enhance your own health and enjoyment.

The Earth friendly Lifestyle

Aspects of permaculture which you may wish to think about regarding your home and garden include developing an understanding of how nature works and design qualities which are appropriate for an eco-friendly lifestyle. In the case of permaculture, permanence does not mean that everything has to stay the same but that it should be stable. You can make many small changes to your lifestyle in order to minimise your negative impact on the planet.

Travel and Fitness

If you are interested in permaculture as a concept and would like to incorporate permaculture into the way you live then you could start by thinking about how you travel. By walking and cycling more and joining a car share scheme you can really make a difference to the environment but also to your personal health.

At Home

You can also make changes to your home. These would include energy saving measures, switching to a green energy supplier, installing a rainwater harvesting system, creating a compost bin and recycling as much material as you can. In addition you could plant more fruit trees and grow vegetables.

Sourcing Your Food

What you eat and where it comes from is an important aspect of permaculture. You might think about eating less processed food, choosing locally produced goods, opting for fair trade produce and investing in ethical products. The best way forward, of course, is to produce as much of your food yourself as you can.

All of which brings us to chickens!

Chickens and Permaculture

Chickens are possibly the most perfect example of permaculture that you could find. These are creatures which can live in your garden. They eat leftovers and scraps in order to grow and then become a source of meat and eggs. Their waste can be used as fertiliser to enrich the soil. Their eggs can become more chickens. It is the ideal closed cycle.

Chicken Coops, Chicken Drinkers, Chicken Feeders and Much More

If you are now feeling inspired to keep chickens then you will find everything you need (apart from the chickens themselves) here at Little Peckers. With chicken coops, chicken feeders, chicken drinkers, incubators and chicken feed in our range what more could you ask for? We even have egg boxes for all those yummy eggs! You can create the perfect set-up for your chosen birds and then start enjoying your rewarding new lifestyle choice.


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