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Chicken-shaped Parrots Become Internet sensations in China

Cute, characterful and unusual pets can quickly become social media stars. Many of these animals now have millions of followers and can even travel the world like celebrities. But our love of cuddly critters isn’t confined to real animals. The latest internet sensation in China is a pair of strange parrots who look more like chickens and definitely do not exist in the real world!

Yellow Social Media Stars

With big eyes, rosy cheeks and exaggerated facial expressions, the Poinko Brothers are yellow parrots who look more like chickens. They seem cheeky and amusing but far from revolutionary. Nonetheless they are the biggest online celebrities of 2017 in China and have garnered over 27 million comments on Sina Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter. But where did these rising stars suddenly appear from?

Telecoms Mascots

They are actually new mascots which have been released by NTT DOCOMO, Japan’s largest telecoms company. Designed to attract customers and to promote new products, the little creatures have certainly been working their magic!

One of the new feathered friends has a long face and three fronds to his crest. He is evidently the older brother of a parrot with a rounder face and a single frond to his crest. The older bird likes to tell his younger sibling jokes and the younger bird struggles with his weight due to a sweet tooth or should that be a sweet beak!

The Poinko Family

Their extended family also includes a 20,086 year-old Poinko Master, a Poinko sister and a Poinko doctor with an impressive crest. The birds have featured in a series of advertisements and the characters have also gone viral in Japan.

The birds have become so popular that a range of Poinko merchandise had been produced including some rather odd soft toys. Their chicken-like appearance may have been dreamt up to complement the Chinese year of the rooster. Although one wonders why they couldn’t have simply been roosters! Whatever they are, they have managed to whip up a storm and a huge band of dedicated followers who clearly have nothing better to do than play with a chicken/parrot hybrid yellow thing. Enough said!

Clearly the route to online success is to invent a ridiculous animal with a silly expression that dances like it is inebriated and which grins inanely!


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