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Escaped Parrot Returns Home after Dramatic Rescue

Research has shown that a pet can considerably improve the social skills of autistic children. Much of this research has focussed on dogs but it has now been shown that any kind of pet can be equally beneficial. Animals are so much more than pets for those who suffer from autism. They are therapeutic assistance animals that help their owners to better engage with the world. So the loss of such a pet can be extremely traumatic.

Coco The Macaw

Jake Metcalf, a resident of North Wingfield, Derbyshire, suffers from autism and his beloved pet is a parrot called Coco. Unfortunately, back in September, Coco escaped from the house through an open door and flew into a neighbour’s garden. He was stuck up a tree for two days and Jake slept outside to ensure that the parrot didn’t come to any harm. The Blue and Gold macaw had chosen a tree which was 100ft tall!

Problem Parrots

Jake was understandably panicking about the situation and sought help from the RSPA but there was nothing that they could do to help him. So he placed an advert requesting assistance on the Gumtree website. This was seen by Problem Parrots, a charity which offers free support to parrot owners who are experiencing issues with their birds. The charity contacted the radio station Peak FM who issued an appeal for assistance with rescuing the stranded Coco.

The Rescue

The radio appeal was heard by landscape gardener David Williams. He took a special set of ladders to the garden, climbed the tree and managed to rescue the parrot who had been making appalling noises of distress which had really upset Jake.

Coco was returned to Jake largely unscathed. He did have some feathers missing but Jake is confident that these will grow back and that Coco hasn’t been too traumatised. He has expressed his gratitude to Mr. Williams and now wishes to join Problem Parrots to help other owners in difficulties. He was extremely touched that both Problem Parrots and David Williams devoted so much of their time to the rescue of Coco. But why didn’t the bird just fly back to Jake?

Why Was Coco Stranded?

Most pet birds have never fully fledged and so have not perfected their take-
off and landing skills. They may fly instinctively when they get a rush of adrenalin and often navigate their way to the highest point they can see but they lack the experience to fly down again. Experts advise owners of escaped parrots not to attempt to climb up to the birds as this can spook them. They will eventually make their own way down from trees but this can take some time. However, the rescue attempt was successful in Coco’s case.


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