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Cool Bird Feeders and Zombie Gnomes...

Summer is here (finally!), and you're no doubt looking forward to spending the next few months relaxing in your garden. After all, thanks to the British weather, you've probably been hibernating indoors since last September waiting for the sun to shine again. The good news is, a long, hot summer is forecast and you can expect to enjoy plenty of days of glorious weather. With this in mind, why not take steps to make your garden a more pleasurable and enjoyable place to spend time? You can easily add interest to your outside space with cool bird feeders, decorative insect hotel and a friendly garden gnome!

Adding cool bird feeders to attract beautiful birds

Birds are wonderful animals, and can add an array of colour and sound to your garden. If you want to attract a wide range of species, it makes sense to invest in . Bird feeders come in various styles, designs and colours, ensuring that there's the perfect one to suit your needs and tastes. All you need to do to ensure that the birds choose to dine in your garden is put some feed out such as seeds and grains, peanuts and fat balls. You should also provide the birds with a source of fresh water to drink and bathe in.

Introduce Decorative Insect Hotels into your Garden Borders

Another means of attracting beneficial wildlife to your garden is to introduce a decorative insect hotel into your garden borders. You can easily build these yourself – you'll find plenty of guidance online to help you do this. It's best to choose a place in sunlight or light shade for your bug mansion. Use whatever is lying around such as old plant stems, pine cones and bits of bark. A roof of tiles will keep things dry. It will provide a safe home for a variety of insects such as bees, ladybirds and spiders whilst also adding interest to your garden. Insect hotels can be fashioned in different shapes and sizes to suit.

How about adding a friendly garden gnome?

Whilst it's true that sales of these once-popular garden ornaments have been falling over the past decade, they've enjoyed a new lease of life in recent months. More and more people are welcoming friendly (and some not so!) gnomes in to their gardens. Garden gnomes tend to be regarded as cute bearded guys that wear funny hats, but my personal favourites are the zombie garden gnomes which are popping up in gardens across the country. It seems that a deadly virus has dispersed right across the gnome race, turning their innocent faces into hideous blood drenched zombie gnomes! They'll certainly add interest to your outside space and create a talking point amongst guests. Why not add a family of gnomes to watch over your garden day and night?!


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