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The Benefits of a Bird Bath for Your Garden

The benefits of a bird bath might seem rather obvious. Bird baths help garden birds by providing a source of drinking water and somewhere to bathe. But this isn’t the whole story. There are many reasons why a bird bath should feature in your garden and some of these have nothing to do with birds!;

For the Wild Birds

OK, the primary reason that you would wish to invest in a bird bath is to help the wild birds. Your bird bath provides the water that they need for drinking, bathing and grooming. This means that your bird bath is sure to attract feathered visitors to your garden, giving you the opportunity to observe them.

For Your Plants

The wild birds which are attracted to your garden will be looking for food as well as water. Whilst they are on your property they will seek out a meal. They will hunt for worms which will mean that your soil and lawn will be aerated. The birds will seek out flowers that they like to eat which can mean that dead plant material is groomed. The birds will also eat insects and so reduce the number of pests that are able to attack your plants. Bird baths not only help birds they help your garden flora too!

For the Bees

Bees, wasps and other beneficial insects need drinking water and places to cool off in the summer. They will also appreciate the provision of a bird bath. Helping bees to prosper is beneficial for the environment and wasps may eat destructive pests which are prone to feeding on your plants. Everyone’s a winner!

To Lift the Garden

Bird baths are available in a variety of materials and attractive designs. They have great visual appeal and so make for interesting decorative pieces in your garden. Bird baths can also be used as focal points and to help create defined areas of the garden. They can divert attention away from less attractive areas of your space and could be the defining feature of your garden.

Copper Bird Baths

By investing in striking and unusual pieces like copper bird bath you can add colour and texture to your garden in order to deliver greater visual impact. Copper bird baths are a particularly good choice as the metal will oxidise over time and then develop Verdigris. This patina means that the bird bath will look like it is being gradually absorbed into the natural environment.

Your Choice

You can choose bird baths which complement the nature of your garden. Different styles either fade into the natural surroundings or stand out to create points of interest. You will find both traditional and contemporary designs to suit your home or garden’s style. Bird baths can fit right it or immediately catch the eye.

It is amazing to think that such a simple addition to your garden could serve so many useful purposes and all at the same time! A bird bath requires a small investment but has a huge impact on your garden.


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