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Decorative Bird Baths - Protecting from Thieves

Whilst you can lock up your our home and install a burglar alarm, your garden is more difficult to secure. Unscrupulous thieves are happy to pinch anything they can get their hands on, even from the garden. This could include garden ornaments, tubs, hanging baskets, bird feeders and even heavy decorative bird baths. Magpies are not the only visitors who thieve!

Stolen Decorative Bird Baths in the News

Bird bath thefts rarely make headlines on the national news but reports of such
incidents are disturbingly common in the local press. Last year, however, one sad story was reported by the BBC.

An 82 year old women in Newcastle found that her bird bath had been stolen. The decorative bird bath, featuring an acanthus leaf pattern up the stem, had been a gift from her late husband. The bird bath was her pride and joy and provided hours of pleasure every week. Publicity about the theft resulted, bizarrely, in the guilty party leaving a note on the women’s doorstep.

The Apology

The note was an apology. The thief explained that it had been his mother’s birthday. He had fallen on hard times and could not afford to buy her a present. He did not want her to know that he was struggling and so had stolen the decorative bird bath as a gift. The thief then promised to replace the bird bath when he had the money to do so. The apology was of little comfort to the victim as the stolen bath was of great sentimental value. How strange that the man felt able to apologise to his victim but not to his mother!

Garden Security

If you have features in your garden which you don’t want to lose then there are a few measures you can take to deter thieves. If you have a side gate leading to your back garden then fit it with a lock or bolt. This won’t deter all interlopers but it might be enough to stop them pinching anything heavy as it would be hard to lift a heavy decorative bird bath over a high gate!

You could also invest in security lights with motion sensors. There are models available which will not be tripped by birds and small animals. Thieves appreciate the cover of darkness and may be put off by your illuminations. Signage can also help. Display warnings of dogs on the premises even if you don’t have any! If you have a lot of valuables in the garden then it could even be worth investing in security cameras. These will act as a deterrent but will also help the police to identify any offenders.

Security Marking

If your bird feeders, statues or decorative bird baths are stolen then you have a better chance of recovering your property if it is security marked. There are various forms of security marking and many are accompanied by warning stickers to deter thieves from stealing the items in the first place.

You can never completely protect your property from unwelcome visitors but you can make your garden a less appealing target.


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