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Decorative Bird Houses as Community Projects

>Bird houses are fabulous additions to any garden or neighbourhood. They help the wild birds in towns and cities by giving them safe havens in which to nest. They can also be wonderful decorative features that add much needed interest to urban areas.

Schools, community groups and charities are always looking for projects to engage their pupils and members or to raise funds. Here bird houses really come in to their own. There have been several well-publicised projects involving bird houses recently, where people have been invited to decorate a house. The unique decorative bird houses have then been auctioned to raise much needed funds or have been mounted throughout the local area. Either way the artistic creations breathe new life into the communities.

No Place Like Home

One such project was recently launched in Laurel Point, Canada. Local artists came up with the idea of decorating bird houses which would them be sold to raise money for a family of Syrian refugees. It was originally though that the artists would decorate chairs but sourcing the chairs proved problematic. So bird houses became the focus of the scheme and they could be built easily by a group of volunteers.

It was anticipated that 100 artists would each decorate a bird house but word of the project quickly spread. Locals started bringing in their own creations made out of a variety of materials. Soon there were over 140 decorative bird houses ready to be sold. These included houses decorated like a grocery store, in the Art Deco style and like a Van Gogh masterpiece.

Each decorative bird house will be auctioned at an event called No Place Like Home!

Home Tweet Home

Meanwhile Carmela Murphy, a Girl Scout in Newburyport, Massachusetts has organised a project called Home Tweet Home. This involves children decorating bird houses at the local library which will then be distributed throughout the city. Carmela is using the project to help her gain her Scouting Silver Award.
The enthusiastic Girl Scout was attracted to the idea because she wanted to do something to both help wildlife and improve the local area. The decorative bird houses will certainly do the trick and look set to bring colour and interest to Newburyport.

Art for All

The great thing about decorating bird houses is that anyone can get involved with these schemes. You don’t have to be an accomplished artist and the birds won’t be bothered what the finished nesting boxes look like. Adults and children alike can really get creative and have fun. The projects help wildlife, improve the neighbourhoods and get people working together. You could say that a decorative bird house kill three birds with one stone!

Naturally, if you don’t have the time to build or decorate a bird house then you can choose one or more from the excellent collection here at Little Peckers. We are sure that you will find plenty to please.


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