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Eamonn Homes Puts His Foot Firmly in His Mouth

Good Morning Britain has whipped up a storm of controversy after presenter Eamonn Holmes sparked a twitter storm with his comments about wild birds.

Do We Need Wild Birds?

The programme featured a slot on the plight of endangered birds in the UK, including the puffin. Mr Holmes’ response was simply, "We all like birds but do we really need birds?" His somewhat throwaway comment clearly upset many people and they weren’t afraid to voice their opinions.
One person posted: "Is Eamonn being serious? Or is he taking the p*? Surely no one is that stone cold dead inside." Or perhaps they are!

Talking Himself Out of a Job?

Holmes has been accused of being extremely arrogant and many people have said that they would rather not see him appear on the programme again. Others have criticised Holmes for being stupid. One insightful tweeter said: "Animals shouldn't have to serve us to be important." Here, here!

The Beauty of Wild Birds

Most people would probably argue that wild birds are more important than Eamonn Holmes. What would life be like without birdsong and the colourful creatures that we see both in the countryside and in our own gardens?

The Justification

Birds are also vital to the ecosystem and the disappearance of any species is a matter of grave concern. But clearly not to Eamonn Holmes whose justification for his comment was that he had never seen a puffin and so was not personally troubled by their potential disappearance!

One tweet rather brilliantly said: "I'm sure some people probably like Eamonn Holmes but do we really need him?" The presenter was already in a bit of hot water after flirting with colleague Richard Arnold live on air the day before his misguided comments about the birds.

Educating Youngsters

It is rather unfortunate that TV personalities can voice such opinions at times when children and young people are likely to hear them. It is vital that youngsters are taught to respect nature and to join the fight to preserve it. Holmes’ ridiculous comments were hardly helpful in this regard.

Everyone is entitled to an opinion but some of those opinions are best voiced only in private. It comes to something when viewers are calling for the return of the lesser spotted Piers Morgan, another man who is no stranger to controversy.


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