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Exercising with Pets

All of the available statistics show that dog owners are fitter people and live longer than those without a canine friend. Dog walking encourages people to exercise regularly and to keep active in their twilight years.

Fans of Britain’s Got Talent will recall that one of last year’s contestants had their own special take on exercising with dogs. 43-year-old Mahny practised Doga, which was a form of yoga that you enjoy with your dog. To be honest, Doga didn’t make for riveting viewing until Mahny’s dog Robbie decided to wee in judge David Walliam’s shoe!

New Forms of Exercise with Animals

People are finding all sorts of ways to exercise with their pets. But there are some animals that you certainly wouldn’t associate with exercise routines. These would probably include parrots. But one American has invented a new form of exercise which involves his colourful pair of macaws.

A New Craze?

You may not yet have stumbled across AverXise, but if Kenneth Du has anything to do with it, this new form of exercise could become big news!

Kenneth Du has created a new workout routine featuring his gorgeous parrots. A resident of Yuba City, Calfornia, Du is now regularly seen out and about with his birds performing his own brand of aerobics. He perches one of the 2kg birds on each arm and works out.

The aerobics exercises are usually followed by a run a cross the park with the macaws flying a head of him. Du keeps the birds on leads to prevent them from flying away. The leads have been made possible by specially designed avian harnesses. Du often attracts an audience in the local park when he is sprinting across the grass with the birds helping to pull him forward!


Kennth Du is a keen marathon runner and wanted to incorporate his treasured birds into his fitness regime. He coined the phrase AverXise several years ago, but now social media is ensuring that his antics are receiving greater exposure. He receives a lot of strange looks, as you can imagine, but the local people seem to enjoy the birds. Du is hoping that he can help to encourage people everywhere to exercise more often.

Anyone wishing to Join Kenneth for one of his AverXise sessions can contact him via his Facebook page

Here’s a video of Kenneth and the birds exercising in Yuma City with a local journalist.

Has Mr. Du invented the next big thing in fitness? Probably not but his message is an important one. Pets can help people to keep fit and active and that has to be a good thing.


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