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Famous Duck Stolen

Mallard Damon had become something of a celebrity in the county of Derbyshire. The duck had appeared in the local press having reached his 18th birthday. He was believed to be one of the oldest ducks in the country. Damon was owned by Nyree Clark and was living happily in Barlborough when he disappeared overnight.

The Break-In

Sadly thieves then stole Mallard Damon during the night together with his best friend Splodge and 27 chickens. Nyree was devastated and couldn’t believe that Damon had survived the perils of fox attacks only to be pinched by heartless thieves. She lost almost all of her birds during the raid and has been left with only one cockerel, one hen and six ducks.

Increased Security

The thieves had cut fencing and cable ties in order to get to the birds. It was the third time in a six week period that the property had been targeted. Six chickens had already been stolen and a horse’s mane cut off. Some of the chickens which have been taken were only 17-weeks old and had been in the possession of Nyree and her father for just 5 days. Extra security measures had been taken following the first incident but these failed to prevent further invasions.

Pets and Hobby Birds

Nyree and her Dad kept the ducks and chickens as pets and to provide a fulfilling hobby. Nyree’s father is 75 and the birds helped to keep him active. The pair had wanted to see how long Damon would live and really adored him. Now it is feared that he and the other stolen birds are dead.

Appeal for Information

The Police are asking for anyone with information about the break-in and the whereabouts of the stolen birds to contact them. But nobody is holding out much hope of seeing the animals again.

Isn’t it incredible how often animals are stolen, terrorised and attacked? One wonders what sort of security you could possibly install to prevent your property being targeted. Thieves appear to have no qualms about invading private property or harming the animals that they take. Has anyone seen Mallard Damon?


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