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Fat Ball Bird Food Thefts

Fat balls provide much needed nutrition for wild birds in the winter months. Fat ball bird food is almost guaranteed to attract birds to your garden. But you might find that your balls, if you will pardon the expression, are also extremely popular with other animals. If your fat balls are half-inched, the birds may not get to eat their fair share of the food.

Squirrel Invasion

It won’t come as a surprise to you to hear that squirrels will be keen to get their hands on your . If squirrels are an issue where you live, then a squirrel proof feeder is a wise investment. Although, as we have previously reported, squirrels are canny creatures which can be capable of overcoming all of your attempts to keep them away from the food. This was demonstrated by the story we brought you of the unfortunate squirrel which became trapped in a feeder after squeezing through the bars to steal the bird food.

Squirrels are not the only fat ball thieves out there. Foxes will certainly steal your balls if they gain access to your garden. Cats have been known to eat them and, if you have a dog, they will eat them too. Any fat balls which are left at ground level or on bird tables are vulnerable to these thieves.

Smelling a Rat

Recently, Chester resident, David Wyke, discovered that a very unwelcome visitor had been pinching his fat ball bird food. The balls had been disappearing at an alarming rate and surveillance soon revealed the culprit to be a rather large rat! Mr Wyke was able to take pictures of the interloper hanging from his bird feeder.

Reginald Rat

The rat became a regular visitor. David and his wife christened him Reginald. A second rat was then seen in their garden. The Wyke’s are not particularly worried about the vermin in their garden. But if the rats become problematic they plan to use humane traps to capture them so that they can relocate them to the countryside. But other residents of the neighbourhood are concerned about the frequent sightings of large rats in the area. Some people have been experiencing major rat invasions.

The rat problem emerged after work was carried out on the local sewerage system. Clearly this has not proved to be a laughing matter for many people but the Wykes have enjoyed watching Reggie Rat’s acrobatics at their bird feeder. However, they are keen to ensure that the birds get the food and so are intending to take measures to foil Reggie’s attempts to reach the fat balls in the feeder.

What animals have you seen feasting on your fat ball bird food?


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