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Garden Rubbish Poses Threat to Birds

By providing feeders and bird food, birdbaths and bird-friendly planting in their gardens, many households are helping our wild birds to thrive. Unfortunately, this good work can be undone by rubbish left lying around in gardens. Many discarded items can easily injure garden birds. One of the ways that we can all help wildlife is simply to keep our gardens tidy!

Untidy Gardens

This is a lesson which one of my neighbours has singularly failed to learn. He is one of those sorry souls who feels that an investment in an Aston Martin is far more important than maintaining his property. The consequence has been a shabby looking house with rotting window frames and a front garden that that looks like an attempt at rewilding.

Suburban Gardens

Rewilding is all very well when it comes to rural woodland but perhaps not in the ‘burbs! My neighbour has moved on and is doubtless ruining his new neighbourhood as I write this but even in his absence his garden remains an eyesore and a hazard. My neighbour has moved on but some of his unwanted detritus is piled up on the drive. This discarded junk includes an armchair, a defunct television and a pile of bottles and cans. Which brings me back to the subject at hand.
Those bottles and cans are potential traps for insects and birds and so I am going to remove them along with the old furniture. In addition to improving the look of the street, I am hoping that a clean-up will also help the animals.

Dangerous Trash

But it doesn’t have to be something as obviously hazardous as tin cans to injure or kill garden birds. Just a short length of twine can prove fatal which is why the RSPCA are now seeking to remind householders to tidy up their acts.

Blackbird Injured by Twine

A blackbird was recently taken to the RSPCA in Nantwich after its legs became entangled in a piece of twine. The circulation to its legs had been cut off and its skin torn away. The bird had clearly suffered severely and may have been in pain for some time before it was rescued. Sadly, the damage was so severe that the bird had to be put to sleep.

Valuable Publicity

The RSPCA is hoping that the publicity generated by the blackbird’s story will shock people into tidying up their yards and gardens. Twine and netting often causes injuries to wildlife and many different types of litter can represent a threat.

It only takes a few minutes to check your garden and to remove any items which could cause issues for animals and birds.

I guess I had better stop writing now, put my garden gloves on and start picking up all those bottles and cans! It’s an unpleasant task that I do not relish. I didn’t cause the problem but I am able to solve it.


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