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Giant Bird on the Loose in Cambridgeshire

On Monday 2 October, Cambridgeshire police received a call from a motorist reporting that he had nearly collided with an emu on the B1040!

The motorist described the emu as being grey (well it wouldn’t have been pink, would it?) and nearly 6 feet tall. The driver narrowly avoided hitting the creature which was wandering in the road. The police then launched a search of the area but no trace of an emu could be found. However, there had been reports of an escaped emu in the woods recently so it is likely that the driver involved in the incident did nearly collide with an emu, unlikely as that might seem. By the time the police arrived, the bird must have made its escape into the nearby countryside.

Victoria and Albert Emu

A few weeks before the incident on the road, an emu called Victoria had escaped from her home. Victoria belongs to a private collector and was evidently searching for her mate Albert who had died. The bird had travelled five miles before being spotted. She was subsequently collected by her owner who drove home with the emu in the front seat of his BMW secured by the seatbelt!

This story gets stranger by the second!

Repeat Offender?

There have been no reports that Victoria has escaped again. But with a private collection of emus not far from where the incident on the road took place and the story of Victoria’s recent escape, it isn’t hard to imagine where the jaywalking emu had come from.

Perhaps the emu enthusiast is too embarrassed to admit that he has lost another bird.

Escaped Emus

Escaped emus are nothing new in Cambridgeshire. Back in 2015 one of these large birds was found on a driveway in the village of Kirtling near Newmarket. The homeowners captured the bird and kept it in a stable overnight before it was collected by the RSPCA. The emu was very tame which suggested that it was a pet. One wonders how many pet emus there are in Cambridgeshire!

Emus as Pet Birds

If you are considering acquiring an emu, do bear in mind that these are large birds which require a great deal of space. They need to be able to run about to keep their legs fit and strong and can reach speeds of 30 miles per hour. You are unlikely to be able to out run your emu! The birds require pens which are at least 120 feet in length in which to live. The aforementioned stories are also reminders that these birds are skilled escapologists and can be a hazard on the roads.


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