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An Amazing Glass Bird Bath

I was wandering around a friend’s garden recently when I stumbled across a big surprise. The garden is one of those wonderful places with hidden corners, arbours, pergolas and a variety of fabulous flowers and shrubs. There are fabulous discoveries to be made at every turn. As I walked around I passed by a particularly striking pink camellia and then looked ahead to see a fabulous glass bird bath.

Artistic Piece

It was the sort of piece that you simply couldn’t ignore. The coloured glass was quite beautiful and would not have been out of place in an art gallery. The gorgeous glass dish was perched on top of a wrought iron stand. This glass bird bath demanded a closer inspection!

I moved towards the bird bath and something about it felt familiar. Was it the colour? Perhaps it was the style. I started thinking about decorative glass and then realised where I had seen something similar. I have made several visits to the island of Murano. This pretty island is near Venice and is renowned for its decorative glass. Murano glass is extremely costly and an unlikely choice for a bird bath in a relatively modest suburban garden. I needed to investigate this bird bath further.

Boot Sale Find

I returned to the house and asked my friend where she had purchased the bird bath. It turned out that it had been a boot sale find bought for just a few pounds. My friend had then used an old stand for the bath and had thought no more about it. She had no idea whether or not the piece was Murano glass. It was time for some research.

Murano Glass

It took a while but an examination of the glass bird bath and some searches on line revealed that this was indeed a Murano glass bird bath. Well, it was a Murano glass decorative platter being used as a bird bath anyway! It was tempting to pick it up and march it straight back into the house where it could take price of place on the sideboard. However, my friend and I both agreed that it looked perfect in the garden and so should probably stay there. I was a little concerned that it might be stolen but the garden was quite difficult to access as it had a locked gate and high fences.

I had never considered that bird baths could be fashioned from glass. The only bird baths I had ever had were made from stone. I guess that the birds don’t care what the bath is made of as they are interested in the water. Any shallow dish is suitable to use as a bird bath although it helps if the bath has a rough surface or texture so that the birds don’t slip and can get in and out of the water easily. I really must visit some boot sales to see if I can strike lucky. That piece of Murano glass was a major find!


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