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Gloucester Police Surveillance Disrupted by Unlikely Culprit

Police forces nationwide continually monitor activity in urban areas via CCTV. As you are probably aware, there are cameras everywhere, strategically positioned in troubled hotspots and close to cash points. Police can track and identify offenders using the cameras as long as there is nothing obstructing the lenses.

Camera Footage Ruined by "Steve"

Unfortunately, Gloucestershire police have been struggling to view their footage recently as their shots have regularly been blocked and they are now urgently seeking information about the perpetrator who they have dubbed Steve.

Police Seek to Identify Unknown Subject

Steve is an attention-seeking chap in Gloucester who can’t resist CCTV cameras. The police have issued an appeal for information about the "movements and identity of the pictured subject" together with a snap of Steve who they describe as "very small, quite roundly shaped, with blue and yellow plumage". It turns out that Steve is a blue tit!

The Blue Tit Who Enjoys the Limelight

Cheeky chappie Steve has been repeatedly attracted to cameras lenses, possibly because he is curious about his own reflection or maybe because he thinks he is seeing another bird. Perhaps he is just very vain. Whatever the reason, CCTV security footage is being obscured by the bird on a regular basis as he has taken to sitting right in front of the camera lenses.

Bird Brain or Master Criminal?

One piece of CCTV footage shows the little blue tit hurtling towards a camera which is situated high above a mobile cash machine. Another blurry piece of footage shows Gloucester’s most wanted bird getting right in front of the camera and trying to stick his beak into the lens! Steve just keeps getting in the way. Is Steve attempting to provide cover for an accomplice?

Wild Bird Evades Identification

Blue tits can often be seen pecking at their own reflections in windows or glass believing that another bird is intruding near their nesting sites. But Steve seems to be actively seeking out the cameras, such is the frequency of his appearances. Who is this serial offender? The police have yet to receive any meaningful intelligence and so Steve looks set to continue disrupting surveillance activities. The plot thickens!


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