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Missing Parrot Found After 4 Years Speaking a Different Language

Darren Chick (great name!) lost his African grey parrot Nigel and after four years had given up hope of ever seeing him again. But he was eventually reunited with his feathered friend through the bird’s microchip and the efforts of a local vet.

Searching for Benjamin


Vet Teresa Micco had lost her own African grey, Benjamin, nine months previously when he flew out of a door which had accidentally been left open. She made strenuous efforts to find him and the advertisements that she placed in the press led to several parrots finding their way to her surgery. None of these proved to be Benjamin but she was able to reunite five birds with their owners.


Finding Darren


Micco was given Nigel by Julissa Sperling who found him outside her home and remembered the vets’ adverts for her missing bird. Micco then traced Darren from the bird’s microchip, despite the fact that it had never been registered. She was able to discover where the parrot had been purchased and then to find Darren who was still living at the same address. Micco fetched up at Darren’s front door and asked him if he had lost a parrot. He initially said no as he thought that the vet meant recently but when he saw Nigel he recognised him immediately.


The Reunion


Darren was shocked to find his pet after such a long time and the reunion was an emotional one. Unfortunately, Nigel chose to bite Darren when he first picked the bird up! However, Darren felt confident that they could continue their relationship from where they left off and that Nigel would settle back into his old lifestyle.


Different Language


Darren is a Briton but lives in California and so Nigel used to chatter in a British Accent but the bird was now talking in Spanish! It eventually emerged that Nigel had been looked after by a local family who had purchased him at a garage sale for $400. They had called him Morgan and the bird had learnt Spanish from Grandfather Rubén Hernández who was Guatemalan. The parrot had become his special friend and so the family were devastated when the bird flew away.


Ultimately Darren Chick decided to give Nigel back to Rubén Hernández as he had developed such a special bond with the multilingual parrot.


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