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Mosaic Bird Baths? Whatever Next!

I will never forget the first time that I visited Pompeii. I was twelve years old and had never seen or imagined anywhere quite like it. Pompeii remained a forgotten city for centuries until it was rediscovered and gradually reclaimed from the volcanic ash which had buried it in AD79. The city is so remarkably well preserved that a visit is like travelling back in time or stepping onto the set of an epic movie.

Frescos and Mosaics

As I toured Pompeii I become more and more engrossed. The excavations had truly sparked my imagination. Of particular fascination were the frescoes and mosaics which still featured in many of the buildings. Beautiful walls and floors gave me a glimpse of how the homes of the wealthier people of the city used to look. The old Roman foot baths, which seemed to be in only the floors of the grandest houses had been taken over by the local wildlife - they had been turned into mosaic bird baths!

At the time of my visit I was an enthusiastic collector of rocks and minerals and so I had picked up a piece of volcanic rock to take home as a souvenir. I now felt an almost overwhelming desire to add some brickwork or mosaic to my collection!

Good Behaviour

I knew that I was almost certain to be arrested if I disturbed any of the mosaics. In any case, even as a child, I would not have wanted to ruin anything of such historic importance. Then there was the beauty of the creations which I would not have wished to disturb. In the end I settled on sneaking a broken piece of stone floor into my pocket.

I still have that small souvenir of Pompeii and I am sure that my visit inspired my love of mosaics. Since Pompeii I have always been attracting to anything featuring a mosaic. Naturally I have mosaic tiles in my bathroom and I believe that I was a fan of these before they became as popular as they are today.

Garden Mosaics

Having upgraded the house, I am now considering a revamp of the garden as it is currently an utterly uninspired space. I have been searching online for inspiration and have seen some and gorgeous mosaic furniture which I would love to incorporate into the garden design. I am thinking that I could go for a Mediterranean theme with some Roman features.

Mosaic Bird Baths

I am also anxious to create a more wildlife friendly garden as the garden always feels rather stale and dead. I never see butterflies out there and I am not visited by many birds. That brings me to something else that I simply have to get - lots of mosaic bird baths! How cool is that?

Hopefully I will manage to create a little Roman oasis in my garden. There is a fabulous folly in a local park which looks just like a Roman temple but is actually an English creation of a more Victorian vintage. I could do with a miniature version of that to create a focal point. The mosaic bird bath could sit inside the columns. Brilliant! It is just a pity that the backdrop will be suburban England rather than Mount Vesuvius and the Bay of Naples.


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