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Niger Seed Feeder for Birds

One of the best things about living in the Britain has to be the amazing amount of beautiful birds that also choose to live here; and when it comes to spying on these creatures in their natural habitat there really is no better place than the garden.

So how can you entice birds into paying you a visit? One way is with a bird seed feeder. There are a variety of different types to choose from and one of the most popular has to be the Niger Bird Seed Feeder.

What is a Niger Seed Feeder?

A niger seed feeder is specially designed to hold small Niger seeds. These seeds are the food of choice for Goldfinches; so if those are the birds that you are looking to attract then you should definitely have a Niger bird seed feeder in your garden.

They come in a variety of sizes and shapes but essentially they are of a tubular design which can be filled with the Niger seeds. The feeder can then be hung from a tree or a hook on a wall and the birds will land on the perches so that they can feed.

Why it is important to keep your feeder clean

Would you like to eat from a dirty plate? The answer is very likely to be no. The same goes for birds and their feeders. Even if you are stocking the feeder with plain seeds there is a good chance that it will get dirty over time.

Pop it in warm water and give it a rinse off, try not to use any detergent or anything that could cause injury or illness to the birds.

Is there anything that I shouldn’t feed the birds in my garden?

There are a variety of things that you shouldn’t feed to the birds that eat in your "garden restaurant". Salted nuts, spicy food, extremely dry bread and desiccated coconut are all items that can cause issues or illness for the birds.

If you have a as well as a seed feeder, then you should avoid placing down during the breeding season; this is because they are a choking risk to the new chicks. Instead pop them into a mesh feeder where the chicks won’t be able to get them.

Don’t forget a natural source of food

Whilst the majority of bird feed is a great source of nutrients for the birds in your garden; it is also a great idea to have natural sources of food out there too.

Not only will this give them an alternative choice when it comes to snacking but with the shelter these plants provide, and of course the bugs that may also call them their home, you will see more birds being attracted to your garden.

So why not take the advice from your friends at Little Peckers and pop a Niger Seed Feeder in your garden. You never know which beautiful birdies you might attract.


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