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No Mess Bird Seed - Why You Need It!

Up until a few years, I was one of those people who thought of birds as pests. Intruders to my garden that I wanted rid of. However, after talking with a friend who regularly feeds the beautiful birds that frequent his outside space all year round, my opinions changed. I began to see them as harmless creatures who needed my help to survive, especially during the hardest times of the year when food and water are scarce.

I began to build up a bond with the birds who made themselves at home in my garden, and I quickly knew that I'd need to invest in a whole lot of no mess bird seed.

Enjoying their company

I enjoy the company of birds. There's something I thought I'd never say! As I step out into my garden on a morning, I love nothing more than listening to the birds chirping as they devour my hungrily and ever so gratefully. I have started adding feeders and different food stations in order to attract more species. I regularly spot robins, collared doves, great tits, house sparrows, starlings, and plenty of others which I haven't yet managed to work out the names of!

I have started to track the different species that I see in my garden, and it's actually really interesting. I am becoming a real aviphile! The colours, songs and behaviours that birds bring with them are incredibly pleasing, and I've come to the conclusion that there's much to enjoy about feeding birds. Plus, I know that birds in built up urban areas find it difficult to forage for food amongst the cement buildings and pavements. It's a good feeling to know that I am helping them to stay well fed, build better nests, lay stronger eggs and raise hardier, healthier babies.

Shopping for no mess bird seed

No mess no mess bird seed is a great choice for feeding garden birds. It contains no cheap fillers than birds merely discard and so won’t ruin the look of your lawn! It is also relatively inexpensive. Everyone can take pleasure in feeding the magnificent birds that visit their garden throughout the year.

In addition to no mess , suitable seeds and grains include nyjer, millet, oats and sunflower seeds. I also feed the birds peanuts from time to time, but only if they are certified safe for birds. Insects such as mealworms and waxworms are always greatly received, as well as apples, pears and soft fruits during autumn. Be careful if you have dogs, as grapes, sultanas, raisins and some artificial sweeteners are toxic to them.

I'm so pleased I was convinced by my friend to start feeding the birds all those years ago, as I can't imagine my life without them now. Many garden birds rely on us humans for help, both for sustenance and a place to call home. It feels good to know I can provide them with both even in my modest garden.


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