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Offering Safe Haven with a Dove Nesting Box

Are you lucky enough to have beautiful doves frequent your garden? Then why not invest in a dove nesting box to encourage them to take up residence? The Stock Dove is the only member of the pigeon family that is likely to use a nesting box, and can often be seen nesting in cavities in rotten trees. Their nests are completely different from other members of the pigeon family, and so find themselves competing with other species, such as Jackdaws and Tawny and Little Owls. Stock Doves happily take dove nesting boxes.

A shortage of quality nesting sites

There's a shortage of good nesting sites for birds in today's gardens. Therefore, putting up properly-designed nesting boxes is crucial for providing space for birds to roost and raise a family. They provide warmth, shelter and security. Stock Dove nest boxes should ideally be set a minimum of three metres high and on the edge of woodland, overlooking open fields.

Where you site your nest boxes in your garden is crucial to ensuring that the box is being used by birds, and protecting the health and welfare of the birds once they're in it. Don't make the mistake of picking a spot which is in continual direct sun light. This presents the risk of the box becoming too hot and potentially killing the young birds inside. You should never put a dove nesting box in a south facing position.

More about stock doves

Stock Doves are similarly coloured to Wood Pigeons, but are smaller in size and lack the white collar and white wing bars. They are coloured mostly blue-grey and have a bottle green band on the backs of their necks. They are widely distributed in the UK, as well as parts of Scotland and Ireland. There are particularly high densities in the South West of England and the Midlands. In the breeding season, they're commonly seen in parkland, woodland and by cliffs and quarries. In winter, small flocks can be seen feeding on farmland stubbles.

How much does a dove nesting box cost?

Dove nesting boxes are affordable additions to your garden. They are available in various designs to suit your needs. Gardman bird nest boxes are built to an impeccable standard from high-quality materials, and are sure to stand the test of time. You certainly don't need to spend a small fortune on a nesting box for your garden in order to help the birds.

A beautiful addition to your garden

More and more people are choosing to invest in dove boxes as they look to provide a safe and warm nesting area for the birds in their gardens. If you install a nesting box you will have a fun and rewarding time watching the process of birds first taking to the box, building their nest and feeding their young. The nesting box will also make a beautiful and incredibly interesting addition to your outside space. It will certainly create a talking point amongst your guests.


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