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Parrot Food - Feeding your Parrot

Ninety Years and a lot of Parrot Food!

You should always think carefully about taking on any pet. Most animals will require a significant level of commitment. There are the costs of housing, food and medical treatment to consider. You must ask yourself if you can afford the animal, if you have time for the animal and if you can tolerate the behaviours that the animal might exhibit. You might also want to think about how long your pet might live. If you are keen on the idea of keeping a parrot then be warned!
A Parrot could outlive you!


Brilliant Pets or a Complete Nightmare?

On the face of it, parrots are brilliant pets. Highly intelligent, characterful and even talkative you can build a genuine relationship with a parrot. But that isn’t the whole story. Investing in a cage and some parrot food is just the beginning of the adventure, an adventure that is going to make huge demands on your time. and interaction for several hours every day and they live a very long time indeed!

A Star of the Big Screen

Take Poncho, the fabulous Macaw who starred with Jim Carey in the Hollywood blockbuster Ace Ventura: Pet Detective. Poncho retired in 2000 after another starring role, this time in 102 Dalmatians. When filming was complete Poncho was thought to be too frail to return to America and so was given to pet shop owners in Shropshire. There she could see out her days in peace and comfort. Poncho was then a venerable 75 years old but perhaps not so frail after all. In October 2015 the bird celebrated its 90th birthday, an event which became headline news.

Life in captivity partnered with a good diet can see many parrots reach their
eighth decade. Some, like Poncho, live even longer. Before you invest in a parrot do consider that you are entering into a lifetime of commitment. Your new feathered friend could easily outlive you and so you must think about what will happen to it after you are gone.

Poncho led an exciting life for many years before enjoying a more sedate retirement. The bird has made the adjustment well but others may not. Many parrots are easily bored and can become stressed, violent and destructive. No animal should be taken on lightly but parrots require more careful consideration than most.

Going Bald

Ninety years is a long time! You could end up pulling your hair out whilst your parrot plucks itself bald and eats your furniture. If you do decide that a parrot is the right pet for you then do make sure that you invest in the right cage and plenty of toys. Seek help immediately if your bird is displaying signs of distress and find a willing helper. You will need someone to care for the bird when you are away from home and it is important that this is someone that your parrot knows well.

At Little Peckers we have an excellent range of parrot food which will help your parrot to lead a long and healthy life. It could also save your furniture and your sanity!


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