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Parrot YouTube Stars

Their ability to talk makes parrots an endless source of fascination, not to mention hilarity. But parrots can mimic almost anything, not just human speech and they can be trained to produce their impressions on demand. Here are some parrots who have demonstrated their talents in front of the camera.


Einstein is perhaps the most famous talking parrot on the planet. This amazing African Grey possesses an enormous vocabulary and can produce a variety of animal impressions on cue. In the following video the adorable Einstein mimics a cat, a rooster and a lion and answers a variety of questions brilliantly.

Phone Calls

Parrots tend to pick up on the sounds that they hear every day and will learn to mimic them perfectly. This parrot has clearly overheard his owners making phone calls and can mimic an entire call including dialling the number and chatting.

But Bobo the African grey takes things one step further and will actually talk to his owners on the phone. The most hilarious thing about this bird is how much he sounds like his owner when he talks.

High Winds

Proving that parrots can mimic just about anything, this African grey has mastered the sounds of the high winds during hurricane Irene!

Alarm Clock

With this clever chap you would be able to dispense with your alarm clock because he has learnt to mimic a digital clock perfectly. This impression could get rather annoying when delivered at the wrong time!


How about a parrot that can repeat the songs that he hears? This amazing bird, who is called Ollie, can also mimic how people click their fingers to the rhythm. He performs "Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" in this clip.


Some parrots evidently prefer to sing opera. This wonderful bird enjoys a bit of Pavarotti!

Police Sirens

Another African grey! This one has mastered the sound of police sirens and can also mimic the sound of a truck reversing!


Our next avian star could be a little embarrassing if you happened to have company. His party trick is mimicking his owner vomiting!


This cute little chap loves to play peekaboo and can mimic human laughs!

Lovely Larry

Larry the parrot has learnt to call his best friend Max the dog. Unfortunately, his owners report that Max now realises that it is the parrot calling him and doesn’t always respond.

Do you have an amazing parrot? If your bird can perform some amusing party tricks, try to capture their efforts on film and we will showcase your pet on the Little Peckers blog.


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