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Parrots in Need Find Safe Home in North Wales

A bird lover in North Wales has turned her home into a rescue centre for parrots. Joan Rakhra cares for up to 15 parrots at any one time in her two up two down home!

Exotic birds frequently become too much for their owners and for a variety of reasons. Many people don’t realise how much time and money it will take to look after their pets. Others struggle to keep the birds sufficiently entertained and stimulated. Then there is all the noise! The result is a lot of parrots and cockatoos in distress and looking for new homes.

North Wales Parrot Rescue, Llandudno

Joan Rakhra has stepped into the breech to take in unwanted birds. Some of her guests arrive in a poor state of health and require a great deal of TLC if they are to recover. The upstairs of her house is devoted to the rescue birds whilst downstairs there are five permanent avian residents. Her North Wales Parrot Rescue is located in Craig y Don, Llandudno.

Lola the Self-Harming Cockatoo

A cockatoo called Lola recently arrived at Joan’s home. The 10-year-old grey cockatoo had been self-harming. The poor bird had been given only a 20% chance of survival but Joan wouldn’t give up on her. Lola had been suffering from grief and depression after her owners had split up and the family dog, to which she was very attached, had died.

Thanks to Joan’s intensive care regime, Lola has recovered well. She still has mental health issues but is much happier and only attempts to self-harm occasionally. Joan has created a bespoke wardrobe for Lola which includes jumpers to stop her plucking out her own feathers. Apparently, Lola enjoys dancing to Madonna!

Inspired by a Canary

Joan first became interested in caring for birds when she was just 8-years-old. She had been given a canary and that little bird sparked a life-long passion. She has since rescued hundreds of birds. As parrots can live for up to 100 years, some of her charges have ended up requiring help due to having outlived their owners.

Fundraising for the Birds

Looking after so many parrots requires a great deal of money. Joan raises funds by taking the birds to nursing homes and giving talks in local schools. She also takes her pets Rolo and Goldie out with her to the shops to raise the profile of her work and to give people the chance to meet the parrots.

Joan works from 9.30am until 8.30pm every day to care for the birds and tries to find suitable new homes for her charges. After they have eaten their breakfast, the house can get very noisy with parrots screeching and talking. Joan won’t respond to parrots who swear as they have to learn their boundaries and she always ensures that they get their beauty sleep.

Joan is doing great work but you can’t help wondering what her neighbours think about the noise!


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