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Parrots learn to use Alexa

The latest technology is supposed to make our lives easier but sometimes things don’t quite work out that way! Amazon’s Alexa voice control system enables you to perform a variety of tasks including ordering your shopping, requesting information and controlling the lighting in your home. That’s really cool until your parrot learns how to interact with the system!

Petra the parrot

Petra, an African Grey parrot, has recently become a YouTube Sensation after learning to use Alexa. The bird can instruct the system to turn the lights off in her house. The parrot lives with her owner in Orlando, Florida and has been filmed many times interacting with the Alexa. Here’s a video of the adorable Petra issuing a very clear command:

Your pet turning the lights on and offer could prove irritating and might see your energy bills shoot through the roof but isn’t too problematic. But what if that bird learns to shop via voice control? African grey Buddy, a bird living in the UK, spoke to Alexa and ordered a £10 gift card which was a big surprise for his owner when it arrived in the post! Camera footage later revealed that it was the bird who has placed the order.

Voice control in your home

If you have any voice control systems it might be a good idea not to talk to them in front of your parrot or to keep them in the same room as the bird! You never know what you might come home to and you could find your bank account has been raided by your feathered friend in order to buy peanuts!

Amazon see the potential for pets

Amazon saw the potential for pets to interact with voice control. Last year, the company announced the launch of Petlexa, a system created specifically for pets. It was easy to get excited about this new technology and how it could keep your dogs, cats and parrots entertained. Until, that is, you realised that the date was 1st April! How disappointing! Never mind, the advert for the imaginary system remains a great watch.

We think that YouTube could soon be overloaded with videos of parrots communicating with Alexa and similar systems. The birds are bound to pick up on the commands that their owners use and the more intelligent birds may be capable of understanding cause and effect. There could be serious trouble ahead!


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