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Perpetrators of Cruelty to Birds Sought by Police

Every so often you hear about human behaviour which simply defies belief. Most of us can understand that some people are not animal lovers and have no interest in the creatures with which we share the planet. At a stretch, it is even possible to comprehend how somebody could be negligent in their care of an animal. But deliberately harming a creature with nothing to gain but the ability to watch them suffer is a different story.

Horrendous Act


Sussex Police and wildlife rescuers are appealing for witnesses and information following a very unsavoury incident in Eastbourne on Saturday 22 April. East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service volunteers were called to Prince William Parade in Eastbourne on the Saturday morning after three seagulls were seen to be hit by a car.

Further investigation revealed that the incident had been a deliberate act of cruelty. Not because the car driver had intentionally hit the birds, although they might have done, but because the gulls had been lured into the road in the first place.

For a Few Crumbs

In what is being described as an "horrendous act of deliberate cruelty", the gulls had been tempted to stand in the street. People had been seen throwing bread into the road to encourage the birds to land there and eat. The car then arrived and ploughed into them. A loaf of bread was later discovered discarded next to an adjacent wall.

Avian Carnage

One gull was already dead by the time the rescuers arrived. This bird has sustained fractures to both wings and a fractured skull. A second bird passed away whilst being transported to the animal hospital. The third bird was in a critical condition. Vets and a care team worked for several houses to save it, but the gull died later the same day.

The East Sussex Wildlife Rescue & Ambulance Service volunteers believe that an offence has been committed under the Wildlife & Countryside Act and are urging any person who witnessed the incident to contact Sussex Police. Hopefully the guilty parties will be identified quickly and punished accordingly.


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