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Pet Bird Cages and New Boyfriends

Pet Bird Loses Out to New Boyfriend

On the face of it parrots are an appealing proposition. Colourful, characterful and intelligent, they are popular pets but they are also a huge responsibility. Parrots require constant stimulation and can live for 70 years and more. They are, in fact, unsuitable for most households and many end up living miserable lives due to neglect when their owners tire of them. Parrots rarely thrive when confined to and can succumb to a variety of diseases and behavioural issues.



Benji is an African grey parrot who had lived happily with her owner in Kansas for 17 years. But everything changed when her owner acquired a new boyfriend. The new man did not like the parrot and poor Benji was soon offloaded onto a local animal shelter. Fortunately, the Humane Society of High Plains knew somewhere which could help. Benji was sent to the Tallgrass Parrot Sanctuary in Lecompton.

The Tallgrass Parrot Sanctuary cares for neglected and abandoned exotic birds which have nowhere else to go. Benji took up residence in June and is settling in well. The right diet and a host of new feathered friends are helping Benji to adjust to her new life. Sadly she has arthritic feet due to spending too much time in a pet bird cage on her perch rather than in flight. She has a sweet nature which demonstrates that she had been loved and cared for before being cast aside to accommodate the wishes of a new man.


A cockatoo named Javi is another famous resident of the Tallgrass Parrot Sanctuary. This poor bird did not receive enough attention from her owners and became so bored and distressed that she plucked out almost all of her feathers. The bird is now recovering at the sanctuary but has to wear protective clothing and a collar to prevent her from self harming. This behaviour is incredibly difficult to stop and so Javi may have to wear protection for life. Javi has become something of a social media star helping to highlight the plight of exotic birds in captivity.

Javi arrived at the sanctuary smelling of garbage and cigarettes but is learning to trust humans again. She recently melted the hearts of her carers by saying "I Love You"! It is uncertain whether her feathers will grow back but for the time being she wears hand knits created especially for her. Perhaps she has a future in fashion!

Pet Bird Cages

A parrot is huge responsibility and should not be taken on lightly. These fascinating and engaging creatures require immense dedication and constant company. They really need the companionship of their own species. They can succumb to heart disease from lack of exercise and arthritis from spending too much time on their perch. Boredom can lead to self-harming and other destructive behaviour. If you are thinking of investing in parrots and pet bird cages then do ensure that you are able to care for your birds properly and for several decades.


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