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Pet Bird Feeders and Keeping Budgerigars

A Beginner’s Guide to Keeping Budgerigars

Budgies are small, colourful and appealing birds which are fantastic pets as they are relatively easy to care for. These birds are a great choice if you have a small home or if you lack outside space. They provide good company and may even learn to talk.

Keeping a budgerigar won’t cost the earth but you will have to invest in a range of equipment and accessories in order to adequately cater to your bird’s needs.

Cages, Drinkers and Pet Bird Feeders

You will require a cage with bars that are no more than 12mm apart and which features horizontal bars for climbing. It is best to select the largest cage that you can accommodate in your home or which your budget will allow. You should then , at least one drinker and at least one perch. You will also need lining for the floor and a good selection of toys and mirrors so that your pet is always entertained.


As with all animals, your budgie will require a good balanced diet in order to remain healthy. Choose a complete feed and provide food daily whilst removing any empty and discarded husks. The bird seed should be supplement by the provision of cuttlebone as this is a great source of calcium which supports strong bones. Your budgie will also appreciate seed bars in their cage.

It can be a great idea to introduce toys which can hold seed and treats as the challenge of foraging for food helps to prevent birds from getting bored. Do not feed your bird avocado, lettuce, lemon, potato or chocolate as these foods are harmful to budgies.

Good Health and Happiness

Budgies are best kept in pairs or groups but single birds can do well as long as you devote enough time to them and provide them with plenty of entertainment. Take care to interact with your pet regularly, talk to them and leave the television on when you are not in the room.

Your budgie will need a daily bath. A bowl of water on the floor of the cage should suffice but you can also bath your pet outside of their cage as long as you ensure that they cannot escape from the room or that other pets cannot get in! Your budgies claws will need clipping occasionally and this is best done by your vet.


It takes a little time and patience to tame up your budgie but it is a rewarding experience. Start interacting with them as soon as possible by reaching into the cage and gently stroking them with a spare perch. When they are comfortable with this begin encouraging them to jump onto the perch. Then start using your hand to stroke them and should eventually lead to them being happy to sit on your hand. It may take a few weeks to reach this stage.

If you need to pick up your budgie then you must be gentle. Cover their wings and back with the palm of your hand and hold their neck between your index and middle fingers. Move slowly so as not to startle the bird.

Budgies can be charming pets which require minimal care and modest expenditure. All you need is a good cage, pet bird feeders, drinkers, a few toys and a fair amount of patience and you should enjoy a great relationship with your bird.


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