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How to Ensure that Your Pet Is Cared For When Disaster Strikes

It is unlikely that you will be involved in a plane crash or rendered unconscious in a road traffic accident but it could happen. If you are unexpectedly killed or injured and are unable to return home then what will happen to your pets? If you are unable to contact anyone to arrange help for your pets then they will quickly begin to suffer. So what can you do to ensure that your pets are rescued?

Carry a Card

It could make all the difference if you create an information/alert card to carry in your wallet or purse. This should identify which pets you have at home or elsewhere, the relevant addresses and who should be contacted to arrange for them to be cared for. You should identify each pet individually together with their names so that anyone attending your property can be sure that they have accounted for every animal.

You might also include the contact details for your vet and you should mention any special requirements or medical issues that your animals may have. It can also be useful to include details of your pets’ behavioural quirks and how to deal with them.

Alert Cards at Home

It is also wise to display an alert card in your window or on your door at home. As with the card for your wallet, this should identify all of your pets. This information could prove vital if your home is afflicted by a fire or flooding. Without the right information, rescuers will not know if there are pets to be helped and, if there are, whether they have found them all.

Friends and Family

You should ensure that at least two people that you trust have the keys to your home. There is no point featuring your friend’s contact details on your alert cards if they can’t actually gain access to the property! They should also be provided with the code for your burglar alarm if you have one.

Emergency Supplies – Bird Seed, and Alert Cards

It will help friends or rescuers to care for your animals if you leave emergency supplies so that everything required is readily to hand. This is particularly important if you keep caged birds. Friends and neighbours may well have ready access to cat food or at least something that a cat would eat but are less likely to have the right bird seed to hand. Leave a supply of pet bird floor dressing as well together with any supplements that you feed your birds.
You can leave your emergency supplies in a safe place at home or with a friend or neighbour. Mention your arrangements on your alert cards.

Formal Care Arrangements

You might wish to consider making formal arrangements for the care of your pets in the event that you are unable to care for them yourself. Perhaps friends and family would be prepared to take on your animals, at least whilst a new home is found for them. Caged birds could be more difficult to find homes for than other pets and as many species have impressive lifespans, these are the pets which are most likely to outlive you.

You could arrange for friends to step in if you have to stay in hospital or whilst your home is renovated following a flood. If such arrangements are made in advance then you will ensure that your pets receive the right care immediately, should you die or become incapacitated.

If you are concerned about what will happen to your pets in the event of your death then you should leave instructions for their care and make a financial provision for them in your will.


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