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Pet Bird Floor Dressing and Wealthy Pets

Would You Leave Your Estate to Your Pet?

If you love your pets then you may have thought about what would happen to them should you pass away. Many people make provision for their pets in their wills. It tends to be cats and dogs which benefit from large bequests. It is rare to hear of pet birds being left fortunes but it is exotic birds which need them most as several species have impressive lifespans. Some birds may outlive their owners and for many years.

If you keep parrots then perhaps it could be worth making some provision for them. You can then ensure that they are looked after well for the rest of their lives. After all, someone is going to have to fund their food, treats, toys and , not to mention providing them with a home.

Wealthy Cockatiels

Last year, a wealthy American entrepreneur left an impressive $100,000 fund for her cockatiels together with detailed instructions as to how the birds should be cared for. Leslie Ann Mandel had built what was once the largest private mailing list in America and also worked on Jimmy carter’s presidential campaign. She was a successful and spirited women who in later life took great pleasure in adopting animals. These included 32 cockatiels.

The cockatiels were each named in her will which expressed her wish that the birds would continue to live in their aviary or another home of a similar size. She specified which food the birds should be fed and when they should be cleaned out. She didn’t mention which toys or pet bird floor dressings should be provided but seems to have thought about almost everything else! As her estate was worth $5.3 million, the provision for the birds seems quite reasonable.

The World’s Richest Pet

Leslie Ann Mandel’s cockatiels received $3,000 each which is a significant bequest but they are far from being the richest pets on the planet. That honour must surely go to Gunther IV, a German shepherd who is a multi-millionaire. When Carlotta Liebenstein died in 1991 she left her dog Gunther her entire $80 million estate. This has been passed down through a line of German Shepherds to Gunther IV. But over the years the trustees of the estate have made many shrewd investments and so now Gunther IV’s fortune is estimated to be worth in the region of $370 million!

Millionaire Moggie

The richest cat in the world is a rescued stray by the name of Tomasso who was left $13 million by his wealthy owner. Maria Assunta died at the age of 94 and then left cash and several properties in Italy to the stray that she had taken in and then doted on. The cat is in the care of Assunta’s former nurse and lives at a secret address on the outskirts of Rome. The cat’s whereabouts are kept secret in case he becomes the victim of a kidnapping or should we say catnapping!

Some animals have all the luck!


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