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Pet Bird Toys - Why They are Needed

Why Pet Birds Need Toys

When living in the wild, exotic birds spend most of their time searching for food, breeding and trying to steer clear of predators. They are kept so busy that they receive plenty of exercise and stimulation. Life is very different for caged birds and so they can quickly become bored and overweight. Boredom then leads to behavioural issues including self-harming.


Pet Bird Toys Which Deliver Creative Distractions

Pet birds need distractions and so their perch and the provision of a mirror will not create a sufficiently stimulating environment. Bird toys are essential entertainment for pet exotic birds. Research is constantly improving our understanding of these creatures and so manufacturers have been able to improve their offering by designing ever more entertaining toys for birds. The latest toys feature bright colours, interesting shapes, a variety of textures and different materials in order to engage and occupy the birds.

For Mind and Body

Pet Bird toys are no longer simply plastic baubles to be hung in cages. They are far more imaginative and can even feature puzzles and games which really exercise the bird’s minds. Birds enjoy a challenge and so revel in toys which offer foraging opportunities, materials to chew on and treats to seek out. Foraging occupies a bird’s mind but also encourages physical exercise. Some pet birds become obese because they are fed a rich diet by their owners but are not kept active enough to burn off the calories.

Natural is Best

Plastic toys can provide welcome distractions but they are far from environmentally friendly. Happily, pet owners can now invest in a wide range of interesting and stimulating pet bird toys which are fashioned from natural materials including palm leaves, bamboo, oyster shell, corn husk and coconut. These materials are all sustainable and are ideal for birds to chew on.

Plane Pleasures Pet Bird Toys

Birds simply love toys like the Planet Pleasures Octopus Pinata. This colourful toy has been designed to address a parrot’s need to chew. The bird can work its way through the hand-woven palm leaf legs of the octopus before discovering its inner core of natural fibres attached to sisal ropes. These provide a variety of textures for the bird to enjoy chewing through. The octopus is made from earth friendly materials and is completely safe for the birds.

Parrots will also enjoy chewing the Planet Pleasures Bamboo Man which is made from coco slices, bamboo, cuttlefish and natural fibres. This toy also provides excellent foraging opportunities as treats can be hidden in the central chamber. It is parrot paradise!

A Small Price to Pay

Exotic birds have complex demands which are difficult for busy owners to satisfy. The right toys can help to keep the birds entertained and active when owners are unable to give their pets their undivided attention. which can make a huge difference to a pet bird’s physical and mental health.


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