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Would You Let Your Parrot Fly Outdoors?

You care well for your parrot. You provide your bird with a lovely home, a smart cage, a healthy diet and plenty of pet bird treats. But would you give him a different kind of treat – the opportunity to fly freely in the great outdoors?

It is an enticing though isn’t it? Seeing your parrot fly freely would be a dramatic sight but flying is fraught with danger. Birds can easily fly away or get lost accidentally. They could be attacked by birds of prey as captive birds tend to be weak flyers and are not used to having to be wary of predators. Your parrot could also be struck by a vehicle, attacked by other animals, become sick from eating something they shouldn’t or could hit power lines. They might also get you in trouble if they attack a member of the public.

Flight Training

Training a parrot to fly isn’t simply a case of offering rewards to entice your parrot to return to your arm. It is about teaching them to actually fly effectively in the great outdoors. You should also be aware that your bird may not always respond to the pet bird treats that you offer as reinforcements of good behaviour. Birds have complex minds of their own and the big wide world provides plenty of distractions.

The truth is that training a parrot requires great skill and experience and so if you are determined to proceed then you should seek expert help. Even the best help will not guarantee a successful outcome. However, experienced trainers do possess an excellent understanding of the animals and are well versed in the nuances of the bird’s body language and how to use human body language to train the birds. Basically you have as much to learn as your parrot does!

Parrot Cam

Parrots in flight are a fabulous sight and one which is guaranteed to captivate all who see it. The bird’s view of the world is even more incredible and so if you do fly your birds, you could consider equipping them with a camera.
Pet Macaws Roku and Korra have become internet stars after footage from their parrot cams was posted to Youtube.

The pair fly regularly around College Crossing and Tallegalla near Brisbane, Australia. When owner Brody Murray started posting the videos they quickly went viral. The amazing footage is captured by custom made camera equipment which is attached to the birds with special harnesses.

Flying Indoors

Flying your bird is an amazing experience but one fraught with danger. If you don’t feel that it is safe to fly your bird outside then you may be able to train it to fly indoors as long as you can find a large enough building which is safe to use. You will have to conduct some research and perhaps contact local enthusiasts but if you can source an empty warehouse then this could provide the perfect place to train your parrot to fly. But don’t forget to invest in pet bird treats first because you are going to need them!


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