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Pink Pigeons Found in Bristol

We all know that pigeons tend to be various shades of grey. So, you can imagine that visitors to a park in Bristol were rather shocked to discover pink and multi-coloured pigeons on the loose!

The birds exhibited some extraordinary plumage but this wasn’t a case of a new species being discovered. Neither were the birds an exotic breed which had flown off course. Onlookers had reported seeing a woman releasing the pigeons from a satchel! They reported the incident to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) who are now trying to find out who was responsible.

Pigeons in Castle Park

The women had been spotted with the birds in Castle Park by several witnesses. She is believed to have painted the birds in bright colours before taking them to the park in the bag. The RSPCA has branded her actions "cruel and unnecessary". They are now trying to track her down. But their inspector hasn’t yet managed to find the guilty party.

"We are concerned by the possibility that someone may have intentionally painted the pigeon’s feathers.

One wonders how else the birds could have ended up with coloured plumage!
The bright colours could make the birds vulnerable to predators and the paints may be toxic.
The RSPCA is appealing for information and has asked anyone who may be able to identify the perpetrator to call 0300 123 8018."

Pink Pigeons in Brighton

It is possible that the pigeon painter got her idea from the media coverage of exotically painted pigeons in Brighton. Coloured pigeons have been causing something of a flap on the south coast! The birds have been seen in the high street shopping area, having clearly been given a colourful makeover.

Feather Extensions

The Brighton pigeons had been painted bright colours but also given feather extensions! Witnesses reported a woman producing the birds from a rucksack. It is believed that she keeps a collection of 50 painted birds in a cage in her garden. She takes them to public places and then charges passers-by to take selfies with the birds. Enterprising but cruel and foolish!

The RSPCA has taken a dim view of proceedings and has pointed out that the paint could cause allergic reactions.

Have you seen any of the coloured pigeons? Are the painted pigeons unique to Bristol and Brighton? Let us know.


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