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Poultry Health Products and the Zika Virus

An Unexpected Benefit of Keeping Chickens

If you keep chickens at home then you will no doubt be enjoying your supply of delicious fresh eggs. Many owners also report that caring for their chickens relaxes them and so helps to relieve stress. Chickens can boost your health as well as provide a source of food.

All this and it doesn’t have to cost the earth to keep chickens. All you need is a coop, chicken feeders, chicken drinkers, bedding, poultry food and possibly the . If all that does seem like a step to far then you should be aware that chickens have now been revealed to have another huge benefit. One which could have an enormous impact on human health.

Tackling the Zika Virus

The Zika virus has dominated the headlines for some time now. A close eye is being kept on the spread of the disease which is carried by mosquitos. It turns out that chickens could play a key role in halting the Zika virus in its tracks and also in reducing the incidence of malaria.

Are Chickens Poultry Health Products?

The fact is that mosquitos don’t like chickens. The birds eat mosquitos and so the insects are wary of them. They are repelled by the odour of chicken to the extent that the presence of a chicken could stop mosquitos entering any area of your home.

Experiments conducted by Swedish and Ethiopian scientists have shown that mosquitoes avoid homes which contain a live chicken suspended in a cage. This does all sound a little strange as most people wouldn’t consider suspending a chicken over their bed! Happily they may not have to. Scientists have isolated the chemical compounds that create the chicken odour and are planning to use these to create a new mosquito repellent.

A Different Kind of Repellent

Most repellents can only be detected by mosquitos when the insects are very close to you or when they land on you. The new repellent, which mimics the odour of chickens, will keep mosquitos out of an entire house. Researchers believe it could cut the number of mosquitos entering a property by up to 95%.

Mosquitos will avoid chickens whether they are indoors or outside. Soon it should be possible to keep the insects away from your property by keeping chickens in the garden and using the repellent in the house. As the Zika virus has already spread to over 50 countries the discovery is a potentially significant development. It would be interesting to find out which other pests dislike the odour of chickens.

Many species of mosquito are becoming resistant to pesticides and so new methods of control are urgently required. It is amazing how often the solution to complex problems is to be found in nature. The humble chicken could prove to be the solution to an enormous threat to human health. It makes you wonder what other incredible things chickens might be able to do. If you keep chickens then you might want to hold on to them!


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