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Racing Pigeon Floor Dressing for a Royal Loft

A New Pigeon Loft for the Queen’s Pigeons

The Royal Lofts at Sandringham are regarded as one of the finest breeding centres for racing pigeons in the world. The royal pigeons frequently race with great success and served as carriers during both world wars. Clearly the royal birds receive the finest care including the best racing pigeon food, racing pigeon floor dressing. The birds also benefit from living in fabulous surroundings. However, last year it was discovered that the loft needed to be rebuilt as the existing structure’s timber was rotting.

Catching the Sun

The new loft is estimated to have cost £40,000 and provides a fabulous new home for more than 200 of the Queen’s pedigree pigeons. The 76ft by 12ft structure is modern, well-ventilated and easy to clean. It provides a comfortable and spacious home for the pigeons and has been positioned to ensure that they can enjoy the sunshine. Pigeons love the sun and so the replacement loft has been given a new location facing south-east. Some of the roof tiles are clear to give the birds access to as much sunshine as possible and the windows slide open.

Racing Pigeon Floor Dressing, Pigeon Food and the Finest Fittings

Inside the loft there are four sections for mature birds. These are fitted with nesting boxes which feature plastic coated grills that enable droppings to fall into a tray beneath for easy cleaning. Four further compartments house younger birds who enjoy 170 ladder shaped perches and can socialise. There is a storage area for the pigeon food and racing pigeon floor dressing. The windows of the loft feature awnings known as sputniks which act as signposts for the pigeons when they return after a race. The birds’ race times are calculated when their leg ring is scanned.

Royal Bird Rescued

There are currently two million racing pigeons in the UK owned by 26,000 fanciers but perhaps none which enjoy such palatial accommodation as the royal pigeons. The new loft resembles a holiday cottage and is certainly state of the art. However, even the best cared for racing pigeons can run into trouble from time to time. In February one of the royal pigeons was rescued after it was found in East Lothian near Edinburgh, Scotland.

The racing pigeon was rescued by animal welfare officers after the bird was found exhausted and unable to take off again having evidently lost its way. It was 407 miles from its Sandringham home and was identified via the ring on its leg. The bird was returned safely to the Royal Loft.

It is not uncommon for racing pigeons to go missing. Their disappearance can be due to cats, foxes, collisions with electrical cables and because they have been struck by vehicles. It is thought that microwaves emitted by mobile phones might also be problematic as they could be disrupting birds’ homing instincts. Some birds are found and returned but others are simply never seen again.


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