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Racing Pigeon Food and The Queen

Racing Pigeon Donated by the Queen

Schoolchildren in Blackburn were recently left in tears after a cat wiped out all but one of their racing pigeons.

The pupils of Longshaw Primary School were left devastated after the incident. The racing pigeons had been introduced to the school last year following a visit by Peter Hargreaves, a member of the Oswaldtwistle Homing Society. The kids loved the birds and were fascinated by them and so it was thought that it would be a good idea for the school to keep racing pigeons for the children to care for and to help to support their learning.


Racing Pigeon Food and Caring for the Pigeons

The pigeons were kept on the head teacher’s allotment in Oswaldtwistle and proved to be of great educational value. The children learned good husbandry and enjoyed providing racing pigeon food. The birds were also used by the school as part of the National Curriculum for biology and geography lessons. Racing pigeons can also help children in their understanding of maths.

The Royal Lofts and New Birds for the School

When well-wishers heard that the school’s birds had been attacked and killed by the cat, new birds were soon donated to the school. Then the kids received a big surprise when they were invited to visit the Royal Lofts at Sandringham. Many of the pupils rarely have the opportunity to leave the local area and so greatly enjoyed the visit. One said that the trip was the best day of his life.

The Queen kindly ensured that during the visit, the school were gifted one of the royal birds. This is one of a select few which can wear a ring bearing the initials "ER". The Royal Lofts are considered to be one of the finest breeding centres for racing pigeons in the world. Pigeon racing has been a royal pastime since King Leopold II of Belgium gave Queen Victoria racing pigeons as a gift in 1886.

The Royal Lofts are home to over 200 pedigree birds. Now that is a lot of racing pigeon food!

A Special Bird

The gifted bird could prove to be very special indeed. The Royal pigeons race successfully and have won many prizes. They were also used as carriers in the both World Wars and one bird, Royal Blue, was awarded the Dickin medal of Gallantry for his outstanding service in 1940. This medal is known as the Victoria Cross for animals.

The school’s new pigeon from the Royal Lofts has not been sexed yet and will not be named until the sex has been determined. It is an exciting addition to the school’s flock and will help the pupils to continue to enjoy their birds, to learn and to get involved in pigeon racing. Racing pigeons are an unusual addition to a school but the idea has certainly proved to be a great success.

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