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Rare Starling Spotted in Ipswich

Sometimes dedicated birdwatchers who feed the birds in their garden get the reward they deserve! A very rare rose-coloured starling has been spotted in an Ipswich garden by keen twitcher Rosie Forest. So, Rosie spotted a rosy!

Birdwatchers have been flocking to Rosie’s garden in the hope of seeing the unusual visitor.

Feasting on Mealworms and Suet

Rosie Forest noticed the bird 2 June in her garden where it was feeding on dried mealworms. It was sitting amongst 50 or so common starlings and was only a couple of metres from the house. The rare starling then whilst occasionally flying to the tops of the surrounding trees. Rosie texted a birdwatching friend to describe her unusual visitor. Her friend confirmed that Rosie had undoubtedly been graced with a visit by a rose-coloured starling.

A Worthwhile Investment in Bird Food

Rosie apparently spends a great of money on bird food and so her special visitor was particularly welcome. Lee Wood at the Birders Information Networked Service (BINS) was contacted to alert him to the presence of the rare species in the Ipswich garden.

Hundreds of Twitchers

Lee visited Rosie’s garden the following morning to discover that a significant crowd had gathered, all wanting to the starling. There were estimated to be 200 twitchers in the road at one point! Lee waited for some time but there was no sign of the bird. Then, as he was about to leave, news came through the starling had been spotted around the corner. Rosie was very relieved as she feared that people would think she had imagined her visitor.

The pair whizzed around the corner and after a few minutes, the rose-coloured starling appeared. Sadly, after that day, the bird was never seen again.

Rosy Starling

There are only 12 known breeding populations of the rose-coloured starling which is also known as the rosy starling. These are to be found in Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Macedonia, Romania, Russia, Serbia and Montenegro, Turkey and Ukraine. The birds are migrants and winter in India and tropical Asia. Rose -coloured starlings are gregarious birds which flock together and breed in tight colonies. One wonders what the recent visitor to Ipswich was doing there!

Do you live in the Ipswich area? Did you see the rose-coloured starling? Has anyone seen one of these pretty birds in their own garden? Let us know!


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