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Retired Man Honours Pet Parrots by Removing his Ears

It’s often said that people grow to look more like their pets. Sometimes this phenomenon turns out to be true and that isn’t so surprising when you think about it. An inactive and overweight dog owner is more likely to own a portly pooch and the pet owner who can’t be bothered to look after their own hair just might end with a matted moggy.

A step too far?

But one pet owner has taken things a lot further and is deliberately transforming his look to honour this much-loved pets !
For several years, Ted Richards has been modifying his own body, for want of a better phrase, so that he can look more like his pets. The pets in question are parrots! Oh dear!

Mr Richards has already had his face and eyeballs tattooed. The resemblance between Ted and his parrots, Ellie, Teaka, Timneh, Jake and Bubi is uncanny and growing more so by the week! He has 110 tattoos in total together with 50 piercings and a split tongue. The mind boggles!

Now he has taken the extreme step of having part of his ears removed!

Tattoos, implants and a beak!

A retired factory worker, Ted acquired his first tattoo in 1976 but one just wasn’t enough! He has continued to add to the artwork and even has two magnets implanted in his hands. He is given to scouring the internet for innovative new procedures and is actively searching for a surgeon who would be prepared to turn his nose into a beak! One can only hope that he doesn’t live to regret such a move.

Ear removal surgery

Ted claims to happier than ever following the surgical removal of his ears. He won’t reveal who carried out the six-hour procedure but says that the only problem that he has experienced as a result of the surgery is an issue with balancing his glasses. Well, that would be tricky without ears! The solution has proved to be the fitting of metal pins to the side of his head. Goodness me, whatever next?

Life after ear surgery

Since his operation, Ted has found a new girlfriend (as in a human) but there is no word as to how his birds of the feathered variety have reacted to his modifications! Ted also owns an iguana called Iggy and a dog called candy. They must be feeling very left out! Unless ted has undertaken some cheeky modifications to honour them too.

Most people dream of looking like a movie star or a supermodel and not their animals! Would you like to look like your pet and how would you react to someone who had been tattooed and surgically altered to look like a parrot? It must be an interesting experience walking down the high street with tattooed Ted if nothing else!

Perhaps we should end this article with a well-known phrase which constitutes excellent advice – don’t try this at home!


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